Shadowed Lore | A Story of Light & Darkness

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This is a story that I have been working on for several years. Now it's time to share it with the world.



In the beginning the space was void.

Darkness was part of everything and light was none.
The gods slumbered.
There was no purpose for life.

In the midst of eternity a tiny light sparkled. It shined, but not with enough force. Yotic, the youngest of the gods, woke up from his eternal sleep and was drawn unto the light. Curious about the light he touched it.

An explosion of light surrounded the empty space, causing different reactions with the dull and idle matter.

The explosion caused the gods to wake up from their slumber. There were six of them and after being caught by a beam of light, they were transformed. All of them were reached by the light in different intensity. They were transformed according to the amount of light that had touched them.

The explosion of light also created a world. Light was distributed in the world faintly, with many different tones of light. Some parts were dark or gray, while other where bright. The six gods looked down to the world and established their dominion according to their inner and outer light.

Creatures of light and darkness started to fill the world. The gods, in council, gave this world a name, they named it Kriantu.

Whong, Aqua and Greight were the gods who caught most of the light. They decided to work together and form an alliance.

Growlin, Payn and Blunter didn't receive a lot of light, darkness filled their hearts. They formed a conspiracy to take over this world.

Each of the gods created beings that resembled them. They had communication with them and sometimes gave them specific orders and commandments. Different kind of animals, creatures and vegetation was created to fill and cover the world.

The six gods never knew what happened to their little brother Yotic.

The following are descriptions of the six gods and their races. Their looks, where they live and unique behavior.

White Temples

Whong the wisest of the gods took the place as spiritual leader in the gods’ council. He sowed and planted special souls that would help him establish his kingdom in this world. He chose a beautiful place that they called “The Valley of Light”. This land was covered by tall mountains, full of green pastures and a great weather. The chosen souls built a Temple, from here they could receive wisdom and guide from Whong. They started to get married and have offspring. Quickly they became a prosperous nation, excelling in righteousness and faith.

They were paled skinned, tall and fair. As instructed by their god, they always wore white clothes. They liked to meditate. They strive to help one another so there would not be any poor among them. They were peaceful beings, but they were advised to learn how to fight by their god, they didn't understand why, but they obeyed.

In the early stages of their existence they didn't know about the other kingdoms and gods, they thought that they were alone. Only the leaders who could speak to Whong at the Temple knew the truth. They, the prophets, organized the people and gave them commandments, this way they will always be ready for the challenges of the future.

With the guide from their leaders, the Whoons became good crafters, good fighters, wise people, they were able to build a self-reliant city and discovered a lot of truths. They were happy and they were at peace. They lived like this for many years, they had a lot of technology advances. Everything was right until one day. The day when they were attacked by dark evil forces.

Life at the Sea

Aqua is a cheerful and playful goddess. She always brings joy to the council´s meetings with her good attitude. Even though she is a little mischievous, her heart is pure as the blue waters of the ocean. She laid eggs in the shore of a beautiful island. The creatures that hatched from those eggs were amphibious creatures. They decided to call this island “Blue Coast”. They learned how to swim, they were able to breath under water and also on land.

This creatures didn't have a lot of communication with their goddess, they were distracted with fun games that they invented. However, they began to build log houses around the coast. The island was huge, and it was filled with all manner of fruits, trees and wildlife. They enjoyed surfing. It is a fun story how surfing was discovered. Glatz, one of the leaders of the Queeds, as they called themselves, was building a door for his log, he got distracted for a minute and a little fella went and threw the door to the ocean. All of the Queeds burst with laughter as Glatz rushed to the ocean and jumped for his door. He landed perfectly on top of the wooden door and almost losing his balance, started to carve the waves. The next day everyone had crafted a board and were snapping every wave.

The Queeds didn't worry about the future, they lived one day at a time and always were looking for opportunities to have fun and relax. They were a little lazy, however, by the guidance of their leaders they became very good crafters. They were able to craft anything in every type of wood. They also became good with long ranged weapons and spears.

One day, out of nowhere they saw something strange, they saw a flock approaching them, and this flock started to attack them, they were not quite ready.

Grey Castles

Greight is the most serious of all of the gods. He is strict and proud, but a great leader. His attitude is impartial, he is neither good nor bad. His decisions are based on the benefit of his people. He’s been given the stewardship of most of the riches on the earth, it is up to him and his people to use them wisely.

On the cold mountains, plains and ridges he established his people. These places were full of gold, silver and other precious rock mines. His people where medium sized, hairy, bearded and mighty strong. Quickly, the proud of this nation formed classes among them. They were divided according to the riches that they parents had gathered in the first years of existence. They established a monarchy and were ruled by a just king. King Theous and his predecessors have been good leaders, but now the nobles are after the throne and they are conspiring to usurp the throne.

Most of the year “The City of Castles”, as they named their kingdom, is covered with snow. There are a lot of mountains and lots of caves to explore. Rivers stream down with chilling water and lead to beautiful lagoons. There are wild horses that can be tamed. From sheep and cattle the Grates, as they call themselves, gather lots of resources.

The king, in the throne room is able to communicate with his god, but all the proudness and the conflicts of the nation blurs the messages. But one thing is clear, they have to prepare and harvest a lot of resources. They also have to build and army, so the king started to recruit soldiers and form the taxes collected from the villagers he, the king, can maintain his army and his household.

Just as the rebel nobles are preparing to make their move to usurp the throne, from the depths of the earth something is approaching. The land is shaken and the Grates are attacked by an unknown force. It´s time to go to battle.

Deadly Swamps

Growlin is the most stubborn of the six. He has a malicious sense of humor and is committed on ruining everybody's plans, even if those plans benefit him. He spawned his creature in poisonous swamps. He taught them how to make traps and how to cheat. His creatures have a big shell they use it to roll on their backs and travel fast. These creatures were called the Growls, and they were equipped with sharp claws and teeth.

The swamp is full of wild beasts and poisonous plants. In its center there are a lot of tall and thick trees. The Growls were ordered to make treehouse connected with bridges and secret entrances in these trees. The Growls are good at digging holes, their claws are useful. They are governed by a despiteful ruler who's always looking for his own benefit above all. Growlin talks with his subjects through this personage, the call him “the guv” and he has good and bad reputation among all. Even though most of the Growls are obnoxious, there are some good folks around them.

There exists a secret brotherhood, seeking to do what’s right. Their meetings are kept from public eye and are done with most discretion. The have made an oath to each other, being discovered could have deadly consequences. The guv knows that there are some of his subjects conspiring against him, but he doesn't know who they are yet. He is making efforts to find out and put an end to the rebels.

He asked Growlin for help, but the distasteful being doesn´t like to mingle in those issues. Instead, he gave him an order. This was the order: “Prepare an army, train them and equip them with your best weapons. I will give you instructions where you shall attack, trust me, all I can say for now is that you are traveling north.”

Hollow Deserts

Payn is the most enigmatic of the gods, he mostly keeps for himself at council reunions. He chose to hatch his birdlike creatures far away on a deserted land. These creatures are able to fly, and some of them live their lives soaring the skies. When darkness comes they take shelter on underground bunkers that were built by their ancestors. This creatures are arrogant and despiteful, there is evil in every feather that covers them. The desert if full of mirages and deceptions.

The Jots, as they call themselves, are always looking for ways to earn more power. Contention is common among them. Poverty is huge and only a handful of people are allowed to fly and travel around the desert, the others are bound to the ground with their wings cut.
The ruler of this land is a relentless leader, his name is Jonter and he has become a major negative influence on the people. He abuses of his power and uses it for his own purpose. He has five counselors and all of them are powerful and rich. Jonter lives at the bottom of the bunker and he has an especial exit to the surface. He wears a protective armor that also enhances his flying abilities.

The jots have acquired a big army over the years. Payn, who is always speaking to current leaders of the jots, in this case Jonter, has unveiled to them the location of an island full of resources. Over many years they have gathered an elite army.

“Travel west and the yellow sand shall turn into blue sea, fear not my subject because I command the winds and they shall lift until you arrive to your destination.” This were the final words from Payn to Jonter before they started their journey.

Damned Woods

Blunter is a demonic being. Of all the gods he was the one who caught less light, almost null, just enough to get him moving. He is pure evil, he seeks to destroy everything that crosses his path. He created just a handful of very powerful creatures.

The Bracks live on far away land filled with mist and active volcanoes. They have made tunnels and room in the caves that are at the edge of the volcanoes. They have been able to tame most of the wild creatures on the nearby woods and hunt the rest of them for food, clothes and pure enjoyment. They use heavy weapons and sometimes just their bare hands. They are almost immortal, they do not age and are very resistant to pain, diseases and weather.

There are only 12 Bracks in the whole world. They are tall, strong and very aggressive. His leader is Blunter himself, he came down from His place at the council, but was punished for that decision. Blunter’s body was on a deep slumber for ages, his body was weak and the Bracks have the job to protect and guard it. His body is a the center of a Volcano, the Bracks have waited patiently for his Lord’s awaken. They sometimes had some communication with Blunter, but they were pretty vague still they got some direction and at the end hope.

Bracks had not been in contact with the other races. Their aggressive nature would have caused to kill them on the spot or capture them for fun.

The time has come and Blunter has awoken. With just a few steps the earth trembled and raising his arms he gather the 12 Braks and prepared for the attacks. Blunter communicated with Payn and Growl and planned a strategic attacks on the other three races.
Here is where our story begins…

Illustrations by @grisvisa and more character descriptions coming soon...
Main Image done by @grisvisa.

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Cool! I'm waiting for the next part 😉

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I'm going to work hard to write the next part. I have a lot of ideas in my mind and sometimes they are hard to put on paper.


I understand. I hope you can finish with satisfaction the great work you started here!

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