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Hello Steemits, i just make a new wallet embedded with a phone pouch. Its a design I've always dreamed of making but I was concerned about my sewing machine needle if it will penetrate the pouch well. Today i decided to give it a trial. Although at first the thread i used was cutting, i was able to maneuver it.


The wallet is a three in one wallet. It has a pouch for phone, a space to keep money and two spaces for credit cards.



  • Leather of choice
  • Magnet
  • Phone pouch


Below is a pictorial explanation of how i made the purse.















Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Where have you been all of my Steemit life? 😄 Hello @gloriaolar! I am very impressed and inspired by your work! This is a really beautiful and functional wallet.

I love that you shared the process of your work, showing the steps it took to get to the end result. Your work displays the three F’s: Functionality, Fashion and Fun (I literally just made that up 😁)!

I would like to invite you to join in #NeedleWorkMonday! Every Monday us needlers get together to share our work, ideas, tips and patterns. We support and encourage one another as we inspire the Steemit blockchain.

On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag. We encourage everyone to share the process of their work as you have done in this post.

I also admire the art you do as well :)

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To check out the work of the community please visit the #needleworkmonday tag. I hope to see you soon. Followed and Resteemed!

Founder of #NeedleWorkMonday,



Wowww, Thank you so much @crosheille for the love you've shown to my work. I checked your page and I saw amazing works there. I'll be so glad to join #NeedleWorkMonday. It will be a pleasure too. Thanks for resteeming my post and thanks for the invitation. 😍😍😍

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Absolutely @gloriaolar! I was excited to find your posts and you ;)

Thank you so much for checking out my page! I couldn’t imagine not having needlework in my life, it brings me such joy and pleasure!

I am so glad you accept the invitation and I look forward to seeing you there and mingling with the community ~

Yay!!! 😆

That's great - you can be proud of your work! I'm thinking about making one myself for my phone, but so far my plan was to put holes in the plastic "shell" and sew it by hand to the back cover.


That will be awesome. I think you can hand stitch it or use a machine or even use a gum depending on the one you find easier to use. Thanks for the lovely comment. 😍😍😍

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A nice detailed post showing the step by step process here, thank you. Do you get a feeling of satisfaction when you use this phone cover knowing you made it yourself? I'm also wondering how long it took and what was the approximate cost of materials.


Absolutely, there is this satisfactory feeling you have inside when you use things you create yourself. I've been using it since yesterday and I've gotten people that loved it and would like me to make for them. I spent like 30 minutes to create the wallet and the cost of materials should be around 400 naira or so minus the cost of the pouch (the pouch cost around 500 naira). I buy my materials in bulk so I might not get the accurate cost of production.
Thanks for the lovely comment. @galenkp


I'm not surprised others want you to make one! Seems like a fairly low-cost option and reasonably easily made of one has the right equipment. Nice work, and nice post. ✅

Congratulations @gloriaolar!

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