TeamWork & Creativity / Global School Daily Report [IT](EN)

2년 전

Hello steemiters, It’s me Doma. What’s up ?

Today in Vienna is a cold and raining day.

As every morning, before to go to the work I eat my breakfast and take a shower then I’m directing to the work area.

Yesterday, I finish my 3D modelling work and today I asked the team if I can help somebody. Levi needed some assistance on the motorbike project for @silkroad40. So, I supported his work by modelizing a motor. Then, I helped Daniel and Ákos with a HTML. I really liked it because this is so cool and “intuitive “, but i prefer the 3D modelling because I start to be better with 3D modelling which is very encouraging and motivating.

This was a cool day, as it is our last days at @globalschool, we have been invited by Manuel (@gexi) to create memes as it has been initiated by former participants. So, at the very end of the day, I started making a meme about Jean (@jnmarteau), as he confirmed and said I can do what I want, let say, it’s gonna be a good!! I think he’ll like it :D. Do you?

so yea there is a some picture what I do. Hopefully you’ll enjoy as we do.
Have a good time. See ya.

That's what I cut for Levi:

And there is a random Jean (@jnmarteau)

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