Snake baby bites!!

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Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

I was very excited the other day!

Baby snake!!

Wow!! This is the first time I have found a baby snake in the wild!!

I took a amazing video!

Snake bites!!! You should see!!👍

10 seconds↓

Wow!! It's great!!!
I was bitten about 15 times by this snake🤣
But snakes are babies so I don't hurt at all😁

Woooo! cool!!

When I found the snake, the snake was hiding under the leaves↓


The snake is showing a cute face😆

I found a snake in the this park

I played him with the snake for a while and then returned him to the this park!

I was really excited, Snake babies are of course small! so they are usually hard to find!
I have found adult snakes several times but I'm scared because they are big😂

Thank you that the baby snake appeared in front of me!

And there was a grasshopper in this park



I caught her easily because she was sunbathing😁

And mantis!

And cicada!

The cicada will probably die soon...that's why walking on the ground

And big mantis!!

Japanese mantis is probably the largest in the world

mantis face…I looks like alien👽

I was very happy with the time with the creatures!

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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The mantis looks like has the same size with the mantis in Aceh😊 I found one bigger than that years ago, and the elder named it "darut jen" aka evil mantis .. dunno what story behind it, while in bahasa indonesia it is called Brlalsng sembah or prayer mantis.

OMG... I'd screaming and run away from the snake or adult... yaaayyy😢


Oh really?
An insect researcher said that Japanese mantis is the largest in the world…

"Brlalsng sembah or prayer mantis"
I searched for that name but no information on Google…
However, there are many insects that have not yet been discovered in Aceh and Malaysia, Sumatra, etc…So there maybe a larger mantis in Asia…😉
Thank you for telling me!

Ahaha Snake is not scared…
If we don't bully them😁

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Sorry @ryu-6414, it's the praying mantis which I mean.. we call it belalang sembah, there are 2300 species in the world and I think there are still more which are not discovered yet, like you said.

Too bad that the forest fire in Sumatra and Kalimanran this year, probably caused the special kinda insects dissappear from our world😢😢 ... snake is bullying me with its appearance 😂😂 I'd better stay away from it


Ah! alright i understand!
Certainly praying mantis is big!!
But it looks like the same size of a Japanese mantis…🤔
Well…Either way, I love both mantis😆

Yeah…and similarly for Amazon fires…
Insects will revive with their strong vitality once the forest is restored.

In Japan, pesticides are used in large quantities, so they are soiled at the soil level…So never do it in your country😣

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The mantis makes me remember kungfu panda. I hate snakes. Can't imagine having one on my skin. I like your shots though

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Yeah I know! I like it!😉
Certainly snakes are hated…I'm a minority🤣
Thank you for comment!

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Low minority.

Those closeup shoots were really awesome and definitely they were not easy to take

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Yeah! Thank you for your support!
Thank you😉

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