Kommunity Update 3: The Unbelievable growth in less than a Month

3년 전


In less than a month now, the progress of the Community has being beyond ones imagination.

CREDO, which is a non profitable community project, with the aim of promoting steemit, registering newbies, guiding and supporting them to ensure they remain active on steemit blockchain until their feet is planted got it's logo two weeks into the platform.

credo 2.JPG

The Credo Kommunity has not less than 15 people registered under the community, viz are;

@samiwhyte, @ngjunior, @destini, @keban, @promisengr, @princeaham, @hibiz.@winarobert, @wyxlight @braide, @ododah, @janywealth, @hadassahwealth, @Michael9ice, @laurettaadomale @njokuoluchukwu, @tekadii, @gtan, @kandylopez, @kehindeumoru, @janegrace , @thelifewire, @nexty, and many others.

The Community has gotten some interest from steemians like @anomadsoul @hr1 @futurethinker @starkerz and investors. These Steemians are currently supporting credo including @gtan.

Our Future plan

In order for the community to continue growing day by day, she has made some plans. This planning includes:

  1. Production of T-shirt with the Credo Logo on it.
  2. Printing of Fliers.
  3. Meeting regularly with the Community member; both Knowbie and Newbies to share each others thought.

Call for Supporter and Investors

The success of the Community will be exponential when investors come in. All earning gotten from the @credo account will be used to power up and support newbies.

Follow, upvote, resteem, delegation as well as donation is welcome.


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