Kommunity Update 4: Progress of the Community with 25 Registered Members and counting

3년 전


The CREDO KOMMUNITY is a non profitable community project, that is aimed of promoting steemit, registering newbies, guiding and supporting them to ensure they remain active on steemit blockchain until their feet are planted.

Exactly 2 weeks after the Community was founded under the administration of @samiwhyte and @njokuoluchukwu as the Discord channel Moderator, it's LOGO was created and unveiled. It also got her Curation Trail @credo.

For a month now, the community have registered 25 members into the platform, these are:

@Chrioni007 @Michael9ice @Zinnybae @braide @credo @dejojennifa @hadassahwealth @janegrace @janywealth @keban @ketocee @laurettaadomale @matimo @missplendor @nexty @ngjunior @njokuoluchukwu @ododah @samiwhyte @tekadii @thelifewire @ubbytytus @winarobert @wyxlight @gtan

Last week, @credo was nominated for a contest organised by @abh12345 and WON the 2.500 Steem price as the BEST in the contest, which was used to Power Up.

All thanks to @abh12345

We the @credo Family also appreciate the support from @anomadsoul @hr1 @futurethinker @starkerz @infovore and @gtan

Some of the community Newbies made their
First post on the #introduceyourself. These post can be visiting using the links below:

For @chrioni007:


For @ketocee:


For @dejojennifa:


For @matimo:



For the growth of the community;

  1. There will be Meet-up with the community members; Newbies and Knowbies to share thoughts.
  2. Printing of Fliers and design of the Credo Kommunity T-shirt will be done for Publicity.

we humbly request for SUPPORTER, INVESTORS AND DELEGATION; see video in the link below.


All earnings gotten from the @credo account will be used to POWER UP to support Newbies.


The Credo Kommunity is not associated with any "CredoCoin" or such like. Please don't be misled.

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Grate work guys, I see a brighter future. 👍

Great work @credo
We are doing great and soon we will have enough to support our newbies