Creepy GIF Contest #6

3년 전

The time for another fun and exciting edition of the Creepy/Scary GIF contest has come.


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Horror Story!

I happen to be a big fan of horror movies and all things gore and scary. I actively tend to seek out movies and shows of this genre which I haven't watched and view them with great delight! Why do I like such movies so damn much? Well, the main reason would have to be that I believe these movies have the capability to scare us so much that we often forget the other shitty stuff going on in our lives, things that don't matter. Also, they give our adrenaline a huge pump and heighten our sixth sense thereby making us more alert and responsive to unexpected situations.

Every year, there are just so many horror movies and TV series releasing that we often have plenty to choose from. Yet the sad part is that not all of them turn out to be great or enjoyable. I recently watched a movie that could be said to belong to the zombie genre and it was quite engaging and interesting. It was called 'Viral' - the story and screenplay was decent and the effects were quite good.

The Rules!

The rules of this contest are the same, participants need to find and share the weirdest, grossest, scariest gif.

For the contest, you need to post a scary GIF in the comments and tell briefly (or elaborately) why you find it creepy.

3 entries I find the best will get 1 SBD each at post payout! Resteeming this post will allow you to put an additional entry.

Thank you for reading!


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It's 3 in the morning, a noise wakes me up. The room remains in total darkness, something torments me, I feel someone else in the room, I hasten to light, when I light up, I watch.


Cool, do you know this gif belongs to which movie ? Entered! All the best :)


Hi! Thanks! :)
Yes, it's a gif from the movie "Evil Dead" (2013)
It is a part in which the protagonist appears demonized.

Hey buddy @jznsamuel, I was already looking forward to participate again, today I will tell you a story based on an urban legend that exists in my country called
"La sayona" The story is the following:

My mother used to tell me that I had to be careful on the road every weekend, not so much because of the dangers at the wheel, but because of the ghostly phenomena that plagued the city during that time. Venezuela's highways are characterized by being lonely at night.

I remember it was Friday and I had quarreled with my wife, I used to celebrate a lot, that was one of the reasons why we were arguing, but I did not pay attention and I went from there to a bar. After many drinks, it was very late and it was time to leave, maybe I would meet any friend or woman along the way and I would have a good time.

I got into my car and undertook my trip without a fixed direction. After many miles, I entered the regional highway, almost no cars and that was normal for me, at least until a slender figure appeared in my field of vision. In the distance I could only see a woman in a dress, although in reality it looked like a tunic, something in me told me not to stop, to step on the accelerator and get out of there, but I did not, I was drunk and wanted to have fun.

I stopped right in front of the girl, she was beautiful, very long hair, a little below the waist, white complexion, red and fleshy lips and a totally slender body that could be seen through the dress. It was impossible not to be attracted to her, I lowered the passenger window and asked her where she was going, she did not answer me, she just got into the car and looked me in the eye. As an instinct, I took off my wedding ring and she started to kiss me. We were like this for a few minutes until I started "undressing" it was there when I knew something was wrong.

He took off one dress and another appeared and another. I looked to see what was happening and terror invaded my face. The beautiful woman had disappeared and now she had something horrible in front of me. His face was full of wrinkles and spots, his eyes were red as blood, with fangs just as red, full of my blood. I tried to get out of the car and her long nails hit my face and chest until her fingers closed on my neck. His horrible laughter filled my ears and the rotten smell remained etched. I do not know when it disappeared, but I could see it in every corner, even behind me.

When I arrived at my house I could not sleep because I felt close to her, I even felt her smell and heard her laughter in every corner of my home, it was driving me crazy. My mother had warned me and I did not pay attention, I became one of his victims, marked for life, attacked by La sayona



Wow, blown away... Entered! All the best :)

Don't sleep alone anymore. You can't see anything when lights turn off :)


Original short film here in case you haven't seen it! :D


Entered! All the best :) And yes it's one of my favorite short films...

Making use of my another opportunity...

There's nothing better than love!


Entered! All the best :)

This gif falls like a ring to me: years ago I dreamed that I was in the classroom of the high school and I observed my hands and my fingers were melting, I look up and all my classmates were watching me but they had deformed faces. I ran out of the classroom and was chased by a witch flying on her broom and I started flying too and hid myself inside a mountain after trying to escape from the witch. Looolll


Entered! All the best :)


Is this Japanese isn't it?


Great fear in me is infused with horror films about maniacs (serial killers). Such a plot is quite real and it becomes frightening. The most dangerous people do not stand out from the crowd, you will never think that this person is capable of terrible deeds. Documentary films tell us that usually even the parents or spouses of murderers do not know about their "secret" life. It's terrible to imagine what our colleagues or a saleswoman from a nearby supermarket are capable of. :) But if you think about this, you can earn paranoia !;)


Lol who wouldn't want to earn paranoia :P Entered! All the best :)

Good luck everyone with new contest and that is really great idea @jznsamuel to organise such contest with a lot of fun!

This is the grossest scene I have ever seen on a movie. It is from the movie "hostel" and we see how half of this girl face was burned and later he took a scissor and cut her eye because it was hanging.

We are not sure that in real life pus comes out of an eye that has just been burned with a blowtorch, but one fact is that several of us disgusted with this iconic sequence.

Thanks for the contest! Cheers!


Entered! All the best :)

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Hello friend @jznsamuel, I want to share a story that makes me very scared. I have always been a bit afraid to get into the bathtub with the house alone, my story is called the bathroom:

That night I could not sleep in my room, I was sure it was full of bugs, cockroaches, spiders, flies, mosquitoes and mice.
Better to sleep on the sofa with a blanket although it was uncomfortable, I felt a bit of comfort in sleeping in that spartan way, it was nothing more than a self-punishment that soothed my soul and let me get into my dreams.
I was suddenly awakened by a noise, rhythmic noise, glub, glub, glub, drops of water. Are there leaks in the roof? I turned on the light and saw no, there everything was normal. No, it was not raining any more, the night was totally quiet, silent, then I realized that they were drops of water that could be heard in the bathroom.
Anyone there? Ask with a little credible voice. After saying it I felt a little silly. There is no one, there can not be anyone, I am alone at home. Nobody is going to return. I got up to turn off the tap so he would stop bothering me. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light, I saw that all my clothes were lying in the bathtub and I had left it hanging on the hanger. I was all wet, everything had turned a single color, red as blood, seeing that I ran out of the bathroom and the door closed, I felt that an evil force threw me into the bathtub and as I could try to leave, but I started to feel that it burned and disintegrated my whole body I started screaming and everything was in vain I could just get out of the bathtub to watch my body bleed to death on the bathroom floor