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Have you ever seen the shipwrecks on Coney Island Creek in ny City? they appear like skeletons may start at any moment. the foremost uncommon of those ships may be a submarine that encompasses a rusty orangish-yellow conning tower protrusive up. This submarine, known as the human I, was designed for a purpose that ne'er finished up being fulfilled: to rescue treasure from a sunken liner that lies beneath the Atlantic off the coast of Massachusetts, the Andrea Doria, that sank in 1956.

In the late Nineteen Sixties, Jerry Bianco set concerning building a submarine that might submerge to the sunken ship and salvage the property. He painted the sub yellow not as a result of the noted rock group song however as a result of the yellow paint was the simplest deal he may notice.

On Oct nineteen, 1970, once four years of exertions, the sub was down into Coney Island Creek. Grus operator wasn’t alleged to lower the sub entirely into the water, but he did. Bianco had solely removed the ballast from one aspect as money-saving live, therefore the sub finished up tipping on its aspect such a lot that Bianco’s investors lost religion in its ability to float, and it ne'er left the creek. The human I still sits within the same spot these days

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