Navdeep Saini's explosive return

8개월 전

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Navdeep Saini bowled in the first T20 in the first T20 against the West Indies and kept the match completely hidden in the Indian side. With the performance in the match already, he once again impressed the Indian bowlers with the most impressive He has been Virat Kohli and Virat Kohli has given him a lot of congratulations and he can join the big bowlers. So India will get a good bowler and the pace of bowling is also good, so if the pace is good and the bowling is sharp, then surely there will be an opportunity to move forward. In the coming days, Navdeep Saini should be doing a good performance so that He should also remain in the team and he will surely be late for the big tournament, we hope that you will be very happy to know that the weight There is no shortage of talent in them. They have good ballers even today, but they can not reach them or they have not reached them. They could not reach us, whatever the reason for them, but hopefully we have a good The baller and the good option have definitely got
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