Complex equation in semifinal


Bangladesh will win now. So far, Bangladesh, Pakistan and England have to run the semi-finals. Today, there are many big losses in India. Today if England were to lose then there would have been much possibility of going to Bangladesh or Pakistan. Because England lost 8 points in 8 games. Bangladesh had 7 points in 7 games. In the 2nd semester, I could win. At the same time, in Pakistan 8 points in the same 8 matches. There are 2 games in Bangladesh and 1 game in Pakistan. England defeats these plans. But England won all the plans to win.


Because England win the semifinals. Meanwhile, Pakistan or Bangladesh have no advantage in winning. Bangladesh or Pakistan can go to the semifail only if the team is defeated only. But these plans will be even more intense if India wins with India on 2nd. Because if Bangladesh win on 2 July, Bangladesh's points will be 9 and Pakistan has 9. And England will lose or win the England semifinal. Because England's points now have 10 points. There is still a game in England. However, we would like England to rate. But New Zealand has a game in England. Two of them are playing well. But I will keep England ahead. Because playing on the ground in England England will be ahead of this, but England's best batting in this World Cup is to say. All are playing very well in batting. But to say the best in New Zealand's World Cup this year. New Zealand won the game. Most of his contributions are bowlers. If you play well, you can play for them. But Williamson is playing very well. If he can do the batting right then he can win any game. There was a possibility of Sri Lanka. But after their rate, their prospects have become dusty. Because they have 1 game.


Their point is 6. If they win a game they will be in the water 8 And with this 8 points you can not go to the semifinals. Because in Italy it has been 10 in England's water. However, there will be a swing in this World Cup, it is very mischievous to say it in semifinal. But in the past, the semi-finals have confirmed Australia, India, and New Zealand. But all the teams are playing well. It is very difficult to say no swing cup. Let's see, there is no swing cup at the end. Now win the game Cricket.

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