Introducing the12thman - A curation service for the cricket community on Steem

4년 전

@the12thman is a curation service that seeks to encourage high quality posts and discussions on the subject of cricket.

What does @the12man do?

@the12thman is not a bot, we are real people and as such we take the time to read all posts that use the #cricket tag. Those Steemians who are posting original content and looking to interact in a positive way with others on the subject of cricket are eligible to receive a free upvote on their posts

How can I get a free upvote?

To be eligible to receive an upvote your post must meet the following criteria

  • use #cricket as a tag
  • be written in English
  • be your own original work (no plagiarism, copy & pasting or translating)
  • be a good quality post

We also strongly believe that the key to success of Steemit as a whole is encouraging people to read each others posts and interact in the comments section. Therefore we may also choose to upvote genuine comments on posts related to cricket.

How will I know who is getting the upvotes?

We will be leaving comments on the posts of those who have received an upvote from us. We will also be publishing regular digests highlighting some of the best articles on the subject of cricket that are currently on the Steem blockchain. If you don't want to receive the upvotes, comments or be featured in any digest then please reply with the word "stop" to anyone of the comments left in your blog.

How can I support @the12thman?

The best way to support @the12thman right now would be to give us an upvote on any of our comments or posts. All of our rewards will be converted back into Steem Power (SP) which in turn will be used to upvote more cricket posts to a higher value.

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Good to see you here in steemit platform and supporting cricket lover.. Welcome in Steemit

It's really good the way sports n specially cricket getting attention in steem platform

@the12thman, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

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