Israel:The Promised Land Of Organised Crime


A lot of people are under the illusion because of movies like the godfather which portrays the Italian mafia and other movies with the mafia,that it is the Italians that are the ruthless gangsters , well this is not the case ,it is the Italian Jews that are responsible,also for the Sicilian,Russian and other mafias.This is another lie from the Jewish establishment,as they don't want it exposed to the public who is responsible,so they make movies about it to brainwash the people into believing this.They do a good job of doing this, as i use to love all these movies ,plenty of money was spent on them, making them classics,so they are believable .I'm glad that when i got older though ,i realised the truth .This video will give you the true details of the mafia and there names,where they come from and the reasons behind these groups.

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