The Murders

2년 전

On Dec thirty, 2000, the Miyazawa family enjoyed a quiet evening reception. it absolutely was the time of the New Year, that may be a terribly, terribly massive deal in Japan. The father, 44-year-old Mikio Miyazawa, in short surfed the net whereas his mate, 41-year-old Yasuko, watched tv. Yasuko was joined by her female offspring, eight-year-old Niina. The family’s alternative kid, six-year-old Rei, was by himself upstairs.

The family’s home was set within the Setagaya section of Japanese capital. whereas Japanese capital is one in every of the biggest and busiest cities within the world, Setagaya is somewhat reclusive and positively quiet. The Miyazawa family solely had 2 neighbors.

The next day, on New Year's Eve, Yasuko’s mother referred to as upon her female offspring and grandchildren. once nobody answered her continual calls on the home’s communication system system, she used a key to let herself into the house. To her horror, she found Mikio’s dead body. He had been injured to death.[2] the opposite members of the family were conjointly found dead by the traumatized granny.

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