One of my favorite cringe videos of all time!

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So this has been sitting on my Reddit saved posts section for a long time and I keep going back to it every now and then and it just never fails to make me cringe at this ridiculous situation, the way the person reacts to it, his attempts at excuses, saving face or whatever he is trying to do. I just needed to share it with the world as I think more people need to see it, hope he won't sue me.

I'm gonna write my thoughts that have gone through my mind after quoting what is being said in the video under it if you'd like to read it. Here's the video:

You climbed over?

Yeah... Are you recording me?

So off the bat, it's such a weird thing to be asking if the guy holding a cellphone towards you with you being inside of their property. It's as if he's like "yeah obviously I climbed over, but let's forget about that, are you recording me? Cause that's a much bigger deal here"

You trying to break into my house?
No I was sleepwalking.

Damn that excuse comes out so smoothly as if that's a natural response, he couldn't just say he lost his ball and was wondering if it landed in his garden or something but no let's just go for the most unusual excuse in the middle of the day; sleepwalking. Yup.

You know we have that alarm here too, right?

That's why I'm leaving right now. (heheh) Have I done anything?

What? So you're saying you noticed their alarm and that made you want to abort your breaking in mission and thus you haven't really done anything so there's nothing wrong in that situation, right? Oh wait except, you climbed in their fucking property.

What you trying to break into my house for?

Who said I was? Alright, see you later!

LOL, who says "see you later" in that situation, is he going to attempt to break in and get busted again.

How many more guys you have?

Wut. Wait what?

Yeah cause that's the absurd part in this situation, that you possibly have another idiot friend in on this attempted break in, not your weak ass excuses.

You climbed over.

I don't know how I even got here.

Classic sleepwalker.

I wanna see you leave.

Okay can you open this?

No you climb back over.

Are you recording me?

Of course.

Okay if you do record me and I see it on Facebook I'm gonna sue you guys.

Woah hold on, way to stand your ground bro. Way to make threats inside of the person's property that you'll sue him if he posts this on Facebook. Imagine being so naive as to think you have any power in making threats in that situation.

How did you get in?

I don't even know.

If you do keep it, you have to delete it.

Wiser words have never been spoken.

What are you doing? You were trying to break into my house.

I didn't break into your house?!

The way he says that as if it's the most unreasonable conclusion ever.

Okay, thank you.

I love that thank you, so random and with no sense other than "we're done here I guess" and the way makes his way to climb back over the wall as if it's gonna be such a bother for him.

Are you guys vietnamese?

Why? How is sharing a nationality with them going to save you in any way in this situation. Like what did he think would come of it? Some small talk on his way out to smooth it out? Now this is where it gets weirder.


How can you climb into people's houses like this? Just call the police on him.

Are you Su Yung(?)? Holy shit!

What? LOL, is he legitimately pretending to know the woman now? How is that going to help his situation, turning this attempted breaking and entering into a stalker situation?

I'm calling, this is ridiculous.

What are you talking about?

Yeah bro I do wonder wtf she could be talking about too.

Alright, see you guys later. :3

Now this part always gets me, it's as if he for a split second realized the absurdity of the situation and attempted to ask for forgiveness and hoping nothing more comes off of it while in the same second he realizes that apologizing meant confessing to have attempted to break into their house and quickly takes it back.

Sorry for breaking into your house - Just kidding, I didn't even break into your house I don't even know how I got here.

Oh man, just go dude, you've overstayed your welcome quite enough already, lol.

Anyway, this video always gets me and the stupidity in this world, especially when confronted in weird situations people quickly lose their sense of any reasoning or common sense, it's quite hilarious. Props to the cameraman and owner of the house for staying cool, I bet many others would've turned into violence or something. Maybe he realized that this kid had a few screws loose. Hell by the end of it the sleep walking thing almost started to make sense considering how confused he seemed.

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Awkwardly funny!


oh hey, haven't seen your username in a while. :)


I’m always lurking in the background...

I wouldn't have been able to record for fear of my own recording incriminating me for cleaving that guys head in twain with a machete.

Ok, just kidding...But no one jumps my fence and steals my toilet paper! Lol.

Not really kidding.

This is a really odd video. Do you think it was staged?


Haha dunno, it's too awkward to be staged I think. :D


Yeah I agree...Funny though.


Woops wrong account. xD



"I was sleepwalking"

Best line ever! Like how he tries to turn it around on the owners of the property the whole time 😂

That's just sooo weird... and awkward to the point of almost being creepy.


this was awesome