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I am in Venezuela and for 3 years I am in the sale and sale of bitcoin, imports of mining machines.

But as many of you know, here we always have eletric problems with sudden ups and downs, which irremediably damage the cards and the hasboard, and this is all the internet always falls.
Although the government decree that you can legally mine and import components and machines, it is very difficult to obtain import permits and even if you have them, you always have to fight or pay so that customs do not confiscate them with any excuse.

This led me to investigate and find alternatives to be able to continue in the world of crypto.

To find the best company in the world (according to my point of view) in physical mining but outside of Venezuela, a single investment and we forget maintenance, high bills for electricity or internet failures.

This company is called BitClubNetwork based in Iceland and new opening of Corporate offices in Germany.

A payment of $ 99 for menbresia in life and you can decide to invest $ 500, $ 1000, $ 2000 or a unique $ 3500 robot
any of these investments will multiply 1x5 or 1x10 in a thousand days, thanks to the repurchases with the compound interest, in only 300 days the investment is recovered and all that is left is profit !!


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