Hola como estan comunidad de steemit soy carlos pereira

3년 전

Dear steemit community, I am very happy, I am Carlos Pereira, a Venezuelan like everyone else who is looking for stability and to be able to survive in the country or to leave to get a better future. There is work but to get it it is difficult and to hire you, you must be the manager's family or as they popularly say to be connected with the government and the little income that I do is from sales of cakes, few things that can be found as wheat flour butters at exorbitant prices.

They told me about this system to post your publications and earn money, so I decided to try this way to improve my income. I want to enrich myself but I do not want to at least meet the nominations to achieve a better future. Venezuela has unfortunately lost the quality of life that people deserve the good things in life enjoy a quiet exit without fear that they will steal and achieve the goals of life but now here in Venezuela it is not possible to have that life unfortunately are the words of a Venezuelan that lives every day the problems of this country I do not imagine what those who come after or what are being born will do now, just parents have a better future for their children

thank you very much I hope you can help me

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