IMO The future of food! SuperMeat - REAL meat, without harming animals! (and the video is funny)

6년 전

"Meat is delicious. Everybody knows that. We were looking for the best way to end animal suffering, but also be realistic about global meat eating habits. Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, a major player in the first decellularization of an intact liver for transplantation is one of SuperMeat's co-founders. Together we've been developing a system for producing small scale cultured meat. That means growing REAL meat in machines in supermarkets and communities all over the world "

And they are running a Crowdfunding campaign, started yesterday and already acheived 50% of the goal!

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Honestly, when I read that " Eating meat without killing animals" , I pictured myself on a green field sneaking up on a cow and biting off a chunk of meat from its leg . Do you think there something wrong with me?


LOL, Did you also picture that cow kicking you? ;)
Anyway, I think that's exactly how incredible this idea is - it's almost unimaginable!