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Needless to say, in order to work in the field of catering requires a certain set of skills. Qualified marketing experts and programmers specialising in catering are very rare. Another thing that makes caretaking business unnecessarily difficult to develop is the absence of the CRM system, not to mention the costly and not-very-effective promotion of services. This way around, not every company can offer quality services at reasonable prices and proper loyalty programs. The Resto project is a decentralised platform offering effective marketing services with an integrated loyalty program. You can also say that cloff is an effective CRM system for medium and small businesses.

Resto key features

cloff is in it for a change. Based on the blockchain technology, the project guarantees you operational safety. The integrated loyalty program is adaptive to the main CRM systems and does not require additional equipment adjusting. cloff will be a reliable assistant and could replace extra employees, which means saving money.

Resto advantages

As you already know, the cloff project offers its unique loyalty program. The program will be customisable due to a unique filter system. Besides, you will get access to the CRM system, a current set of marketing tools, and a multi-currency wallet. The wallet allows you to operate fiat and cryptocurrencies. Calculations on the project are carried out using smart contracts, ensuring fast and secure transactions.
The project’s creator is a registered in the UK company. It’s called METROPOLE VENTURES LP. The fact that the company is registered ensures additional safety of investing.

The users of the platform will be divided into two categories – the clients and the enterprises. After signing up, you will be able to pick your preferred category. The business owners will save money big time due to the unique base of consumers, loyalty program, and CRM. They will also have access to direct feedback which is a nice little bonus. The clients will have discounts and custom bonuses thanks to the loyalty system. You won’t need all the loyalty cards because everything will be in one app. The marketing specialists will utilise the brand-new revolutionary targeting system, manage feedback, and design the loyalty program. Due to the full automatisation provided by cloff, the companies will cut unnecessary staff and raise income.


Resto cryptocurrency

The project utilises RESTO tokens created according to the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. The ICO is currently underway. In total, 46% of 1.1 billion tokens are up for sale. The cloff soft cap is 12,500 ETH and the hard cap is 50,000 ETH.

The conclusion

cloff is an ambitious project aiming for a revolution in catering. It’s a decentralised platform that offers you unique loyalty programs and CRM. Everything is in one app, making it transparent and easy to use.

The project development started in the last quarter of 2017. The complete version of the platform will be released by the end of 2020 and will be accompanied by the opening of large offices in Indonesia, Japan and India.

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Dividing customers into two categories will bring convenience.