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Got an unbeatable idea and want to hold an ICO? Don’t know how to run an ICO? Cryptassist ICO Assistant helps project founders to launch an ICO in order to raise capital for a project. For a percentage fee, project creators will be able to create tokens through a simple process and will be able to list them on Cryptassist’s fully licensed exchange.

Packages based on the needs of the individual project creators will be offered

All projects will have a profile on the Cryptassist platform where potential backers will be able to see the teams, their previous experience and extensive information on the projects. There will be a live chat feature so that project creators and backers can communicate and news and regular updates on the ICOs can be given. Profiles will have links to the ICO websites, Whitepapers and Roadmaps.

A thorough KYC for project founders will be required to offer security to backers of the projects.

Cryptassist ICO Assistant Features Include:

Escrow Service – Cryptassist will act as an escrow service and hold funds to demonstrate transparency to backers, creating security for all parties involved.

ICO Auditing – Cryptassist will carry out a thorough screening process of all aspects of the project to ensure that the structure is comprehensive and can function as proposed. If the project is not found to be feasible, the project will not be supported.

Translations – Cryptassist will translate the website and whitepaper of projects to maximize exposure to international markets.

ICO Consulting – Cryptassist will review each project proposal to assist creators in launching the most successful project possible.

Website Creation – Cryptassist will create visually compelling websites that communicate the projects’ unique visions to potential investors.

Community Management – Brand promotion on social media to gain potential customers.

Technical Advice – Cryptassist will review technical specifications and infrastructure and make recommendations if improvements are required.

To learn more about the Cryptassist ICO Assistant or the Cryptassist platform, please visit our website or download our Whitepaper at

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Awesome to see that you will also support the growth of new projects as well.
I see lot of potential on cryptassist!


making life easier for new projects.

Cryptoassist is a single destination for all your cryptocurrencies!
whether you're a beginner or a recognized crypto expert, Cryptoassist will provide YOU with all the tools and information you need to
succeed!Cryptassist (CTA) will solve this problem by making cryptocurrency usable for everyone in everyday life.

Cryptassist creates a link between the cryptocurrency and its users.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future.
With Cryptassist cryptocurrencies will be available to all!!!
Project and developers best wishes!

This is the right time to fully support this project. The vision is very bright.

You have a lot of advantages!

This tool is very necessary. Now there are a lot of scammers in the ICO and it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of the project. I hope that the Assistant will perfectly cope with the task

This a really good post
Thanks for explaining very well

Great feature to help to held an ICO! I hope it will reduce the costs in this industry due to the great solution of Cryptassist!

Strong team with great project... Love to be a part of this great project and wishing a successful ICO to all team members behind this project...

very good and detailed explanation of Cryptassist ICO Assistant Features. thumbs up

such a nice project.this project comes with powerful concept.

#Cryptassist will develop its own fully licensed cryptocurrency spot exchange
to offer users an unequalled trading experience. This exchange will offer the
ultimate user-friendly platform. #CTA

Sounds like a great tool. When will this be ready to use?

The @CryptAssist is here to help lots of project see limelight...And it needs our support to achieve its goal... Wish the team the best of luck... Great work

Wide choice of tools for good work. It will be very useful for beginners in the world of crypto

many great initial coin offering programs fail not because it was a scam project or a fraud sort of thing but rather the inadequate technical know how of how to run ICOs is the cause of this problem. Well Cryptassist ICO Assistant would help solve all these issues so get on board!

Really looking forward to this project, I hope the team will continue good job!

Cryptassist solves the problem of complexity by supplying all of the necessary resources in one easy to access location.

I will share content about your project in the accounts of social networks with pleasure and to tell friends

and all I need is some CTA tokens to make this happen? brilliant... this will really do a lot of help to startups.

We really need to support this's a wonderful thing! Really!

This device is extremely vital. Presently there are numerous sources in ICO, and it is important to approach the decision of the venture precisely. I trust that the Cryptassist will consummately adapt to an errand

Surprising component to help to the completed ICO! I trust that it will diminish costs in this industry as a result of the superb arrangement of Cryptassist!

This apparatus is extremely fundamental. Presently there are numerous witnesses in ICO, and it is important to approach the decision of the task deliberately. I trust that the Cryptassist will consummately adapt to an undertaking

Cant wait for this launch, it'll make my tradinf convenient

This is an awesome project! The goal of simplifying and bringing crypto to everyone is the first step to massive adoption.

All that Cryptosist does is very relevant. Now a lot of fraud and transparency is necessary. Project in the long term.

Cryptalassist is a revolutionary trend on the cryptospace

The features of this project are astounding. Making it ever more simple to just stick with a single exchange and do your trades. Good job.

I will partition substance about your undertaking in records of interpersonal organizations with delight and to tell companions

Astonishing part to help to the completed ICO! I trust that it will diminish costs in this industry because of an incredible game plan of Cryptassist!

You know, it is very pleasing that the project is very honest with respect to its customers. Everything is transparent and open, keep it up!

Very reliable project with a lot of money. This is a interesting Start-up. This Start-up is revolutionary

A good idea and a strong team, closely follow this project, and I believe that this startup will achieve their goals. This ICO have a promosing idea.

I think it's very important for new companies to be guided and helped along in the initial stages of their project by a well experienced team like Cryptassist and thus increase their chances of success!

your project it's really amazing, will help who's wanna launch ICO, and also there's a lot of amazing feature on your project..

The project has only pluses and there are no minuses!

This is a great initiative from the project to have its own completely licensed exchange which will provide solutions to problems of liquidity. Its a plus to get such an awesome project in crypto.

This deserved to be world-renowned. Great job in innovating this project. Good luck developing many more features.

That's part of what they are known for, such a mind blowing project, great team with inteligent ideas

Very good to see that you will also support the growth of new projects as well help project founders to launch an ICO in order to raise capital for a project!

Very perspective project with the good team of developers. It is considered that the project is qualitative, it is obvious that the team works and puts in it, heart and soul.

This is really a great and unbeatable project.

Cryptassist act as an escrow service and hold funds to demonstrate transparency for all parties.

wonderful team, good card

#Cryptassist is one stop shopping. I believe any ICO projects will also interesting in this. They don't have to waste time doing other works so the team dev can focus to develop their products.

I look forward for a strong use case for this project. Certainly you guys are wonderful and hardworking towards bringing this project to reality.

wow.. Love to be a part of this great project and wishing a successful ICO to all team members behind this project.
#CryptAssist #CTA

This is a great offer - brilliant idea for those looking to hold an ICO - lots of experience and tech advice from Cryptassit to recommend improvements, if needs be.

I think that this Cryptassist ICO Assistant is a very necessary tool given the crypto panorama at present, fundamentally as far as the ICOs are concerned.

First of all for those projects that seek funding for their idea but don't know very well how to do it. But fundamentally for investors. The ICO market often resembles the wild west, and there are many unscrupulous people. Scams are the order of the day. This assistant will be a great help for all investors, and with features such as the KYC for project founders, the Escrow Service or the ICO Auditing, there will be greater guarantee that the projects are feasible and move forward.

I think Cryptassist scores a great deal by integrating this assistant into their platform, and that they can make a difference if they manage to develop it as described in this article.

IСO projects every day more and more! So your niche, the guys will find! Those who have already bought tokens, my congratulations! We are waiting for a grandiose success.

even the experienced and expert person in cryptocurrency are suffering difficulty to spent their profit in cryptocurrency, but Cryptassist will eliminate that problem and bring the easiest way right in front of your door

Very convenient when all functions are in one place

Cryptassist ICO Assistant is a wonderful tool helps in carrying out ICO on Cryptassist Platform !..

I really love this project! I’m happy to take part and trying to spread the word as much as I can. I’m wishing you best of luck!