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Let us be honest, crypto was very much strange when we first heard it, I had to take a short survey to understand the basics of it. When I finally got to understand what's its all about, then I began speaking it in my daily life.

My venture into crypto has been above fair, so yes I have made of a couple of cash, I used to picture what it would have looked like, if the market was green as it was last year.
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Crypto at some point sounds like a foreign language, I mean, how do you explain money to someone without the person seeing it. Just bunch of digits and data encrypted with cryptography.

Some people find it quite hard investing in what they can't touch, talk more of something that has no constant shape. Crypto-currencies as of now are dipping and dipping, if you bought during the green, you're probably smacking your face and kicking your door. Well relax, you know there is a bright future.

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Crypto is a foreign language that needs to appreciated and accepted in my part of the world. They are the source of inspiration for this post. There used to be this investment platform called M. M. M. People made some real cash from it. Some weighed their life savings on it. When it finally crashed, most people crashed with it.

Once you have understood crypto, you become attached to it. It is the currency of the future and right now there are over 900+ crypto and still counting.

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