AMD & 80 Others Join EEA / 60k Acres Bought For ETH / Raiblocks = Nano! / DGX + MKR Partner / More!

5년 전

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I totally agree Omar, Nano is a MUCH better sounding name than Raiblocks! It's a little generic perhaps but sounds a lot more like something that can be taken seriously.

i like this post you give me always latest news and updates on whole market in your videos keep it up and becarfull on your drive thank you @crypt0 for share this post

Omar just answer me with a "yes or a no". Are you latino?? : |


He's half Dominican and i believe half indian? Dominican for sure he mentioned it in one of his Vids...even spoke in Espanol... Donde estas @Crytp0 !!!!


dude! lol thanks


is he really? lol ok nice.


si venezuela presente


Omar is def a Latino name


Omar is muslim's name

ETH price chart looks much better that other major assets. I think Ethereum will continue to outperform because there are a lot of new projects wanting to launch their ICOs since the interest remains elevated. They will probably choose ETH over others as they are the market leaders with scope, adoption and proven success. So the flip may be closer than people believe.


Very true. Plus there are a whole bunch of ERC20 tokens that are based off the Ethereum network, so ETH is definitely a good long-term hold.

Did you ever figure out what happened with Bank of America? Capital one also stopped my transaction. Others reported capital one doing the same thing.

I Love when Omar takes a Ride down Sunset Blvd. and Shares his Crypt0 Thoughts with us. I used to Remember the Crazy days in the 80's with Big Hair Rock Bands at the Whiskey and the Roxy..........OK back to reality now and @crypt0 keeps us abreast of whats happening. B of A is NOT your FRIEND !!!

ETH vs USD is promising. But what is interesting for us is ETH vs BTC. Will ETH go above 0.1 BTC?


If ETH/BTC can stay above 0.1, we may see a push towards .15 which would get us very close to the "flip" referred to in this video.

Great video as always Omar. I too think ETH has a lot of promise but I personally feel stronger about the NEO platform then I do about ETH but I guess only time will tell. I just want all this Tether drama to end sooner then later so the market can go back to having the potential to move up without all this CONSTANT FUD every single day which we have had for the past few weeks (but again I would rather get these "growing pains" out of the way now instead of later on). Strangely enough even during this decent sized dip I am currently sitting at all time highs (not only against fiat but also Bitcoin) but this is mainly due to my decent sized holdings of PPT, PLR and NEO which have weathered this recent crypto storm FAR better then most other cryptos in the space, so I guess I am just lucky so far in that sense. Anyways keep up the good work... and remember, SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!

well @omar great work to talk on many cryptos eth , btc, raiblocks ,Dgx and also amd microsoft, samsung and give your reviews on is great work and give us new and helpfull inforamtions like always
i think the ethereum is more attractive coin now and hope afte some months its value will increase as 10 time or mayb up to
you give me always latest news and updates on whole market in your videos keep it up and becarfull on your drive

This is great news for Crytpo! A lot of people that are new to crypto are freaking out right now because of the drop in price of bitcoin. What they don't understand is that those of us that have been in crypto for a little while still see bitcoin as strong because we remember when the price was in the 100's. Now that mainstream companies in the US are starting to develop more blockchain technologies is a huge plus for all of crypto!!!

Thank you for this great video!!!

Thanks for the update Omar,
It's always great to hear from you,
what does ETH need 60k ACRES for?
I mean it's a crypto company it doesn't need that much space to conduct business.
does it!


If you think that’s interesting, Facebook just bought a few hundred acres for a “data center”.🤔 This is some blockchain related operations IMO.


i understand that facebook will put up data center , and a few 100 acres is quite relaterble ether's is 60 k

With all the squabbling and engaging that goes ahead with Bitcoin thus much riding on the lightning with them ethereum has sparkled over the rest as far as being adaptable and moving concentration where required with the evolving economy.

Thanks for sharing the video too.

Yeah, people Definitely need to develop/build different "higher" (above the influence) mentality in crypto. It like a airplane during take off and climbing up can get rocky at times.. and shaky.. but thats the road to reach a 40,000 ft cruising altitude ... Bitcoin/Crypto became "public" 2017.. public in terms that a new influx/group/wave of a particular forward thinking people saw the opportunity... went from $2,500 to $20,000 in 6 months.. This cryptocurrency integration and acceptance to society I believe will happen in waves,... I believe there is still alot of time to invest early and make great multiples on your money because until volatility diminishes it IS a money making market. I think because crypto has been so fluctuating in nature we must realize this is because we are still in crawling/trying to walk stages (as a young child).. there may be many falls, but many getting back up to continue trying until we get it down.. My point we have to have a long term perspective!!!!!!!!!!!! You wont stress when you know in 6 months this coin will be double or triple.. then might fall 50% again... # Growing Pains..This will continue to happen until.. Cryptocurrencies reach a "Cruising altitude"..where volatility will be tamed... Which who here can say when that will be..?? years?...

nice video. thanks for shairing

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📉 7d

HI Omar! Do you believe we will see a flippening between ETH and BTC? The increase in ETH pairs is very good for the market and can be seen to have more utility than BTC in the future. BTC to be gold!

Thanks for this crypto news update providing ..... i appreciate this post dear...i wait your next post....

Love how every second cryptotalk video on youtube is filmed in a moving car ;) (haha to be fair I know you not doing it often though)

Love your videos! Keep up the good work!

For AMD, it'd be highly profitable. The actual manufacturing cost of the GPUs gotta be fraction of market price so they'll be making profits pretty much on the get go.

If the crypto bubble is eventually going to pop and flood used GPU market, AMD can utilize the time now to make more margin from their GPUs by mining than selling at MSRP and there won't be any risk of these cards selling on used market too. @crypt0

This nice post.. thanks for sharing this crytocurrency news..

Nice post nice video.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.😃😃😃

please dont do videos and drive it takes your attention even if its a lil bit off the road. Got into a accident a lil while back ago lady pulled out in front of of us (her phone had her attention) and put me in the hospital for a week.


Both hands are free to drive. According to you, he shouldn’t talk while driving either.


To his phone no @dhn0411 because his focus is lets say is 70% driving and 30% on the phone, when 100% focus should be use when driving!! If the lady was focused on the road the day i got into the accident i would had spent a week in the hospital and almost died do to collapsed lung and internal bleeding because my spleen got punctured from broke ribs! but i like how you try to justify it like a Richard. Im just pointing something out that will benefit him and the person he can possible hit while driving.

  ·  5년 전


ALL CRYPTO FANS pls watch A ANON #CRYPTOCARTOONS here!/v/mfg/qxevw5rt

also there is a one waiting for CLIFF HIGH :) just pop up

Well, it's precisely about them wanting to dictate what we consider to be money.

Awesome post , i cant hesitate to follow u , and resteem.

Thanks for sharing...

Very important and knowledgefull video
I am happy to follow

Personally, I think ethereum will over through bitcoin. A lot of other coins are built upon the network and this is making it a more valuable asset. I have been acquiring new ico's and they are built on the same network. This a great informative post

  ·  5년 전

thanks for the information and the video

No need to worry
It is here to say

'Two thousand and nine
It's the Historic date
Of a changeover sign
At a very fearful rate
In fact money was traced
In so many many ways
Just in that dark age
In those lethal days
Taste of bitter pills
Everythin' went creepier
Of your coins 'n' bills
You weren't the owner
Banks were very happy
Of this lousy situation
Went always more crappy
People came to desolation
Politicians made merries
With money of taxes
People lived with worries
Gettin' more 'n' more boxes

But out of nowhere he came
By S and N starts his name
Of this genius from Far East
Who wiped away our tears
Without boasting too much
He just changed everything
With his revolutionary touch
And the mastery of coding
His coin brings democracy
Works on every device
Guarantees the best privacy
Using a good mixing service
Now I'm the only owner
Thanks to this revolution
My money is really mine
If I got a bit of coin'

'A bit of money'
El Emperador

Ron Paul too!

Thank you to share this video.i am healpfull.

hola saludos venezuela

Tron (TRX) became a father figure in my life, read below:

Nice bitcoin

I saw an excellent TA that predicted ETH at $1750 by March. Could happen, I hope it does.

This car crypto news is really inovative and interesting. Btw is that a ford mustang?

Car draving its beautiful Moments

Shirt look so awesome and your look so hansam

some intereting info

Thank you for the concise and straightforward report - I believe that the Nano rebranding is perhaps the best possible thing that could happen to Raiblocks - look, the price is rising already!

Anyways, I wrote a similar article documenting the rebranding, feel free to check it out and leave an upvote! Thank you!

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interesting. thanks for sharing.

Thanks fo the info :)

Great Video. i learn lot from it

With all the bickering and battling that goes on with Bitcoin and so much riding on the lightning with them ethereum has shined above the rest in terms of being flexible and moving focus where needed with the changing economy.

This seems like it could be one to watch, intrigued about this project

Pro Tips:

-Start Staking full increments of NEO within your Encrypted NEON Desktop Wallets to start Generating GAS as a Dividend.
-Stake KuCoin Shares (Minimum of 6 Shares) to build up a daily Return of KuCoin Exchange Fees split up amoungst all of the Alt Coins being traded on KuCoin Exchange.
-ICX, XLM, POE, XRB (Nano) & LTC Looking good going into February.

Does it help to post to Dtube too?

Just started following you. Great post. Community, please consider my blog. I currently have 70,000+
followers on Youtube, Twitter, and here combined where my goal is to help improve the crypto community.
I provide free TA on request, make high accuracy calls, and focus on improving YOUR trading game in a concise and educational manner.

Great episode!

Thank you for sharing

That is very informative.. Thanks for sharing

please in my judgment yes, i am new in steemit