Bitcoin Looking HOT Right Now! / Steemit HF19 / My Top Picks / Status ICO / India & Crypto / More!

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I only watch for the intros.. this was a good one, I like when the "Omar Bahm" is just kind of randomly thrown in there somewhere

You're a legend, Crypt0


(and I'm jk btw I obv watch the whole thing, but the intro is what I really look forward to)


Why you gotta lie? haha jk too.


lol a few episodes ago that was his into "this is Omar Bahm the guy that can never do intros" i was geekin!


hahahah love when it happens xD

Hey Crypt0- I've been watching you for a long time on the youtubes and will now start following you here where I can now easily reward your amazing content w/HF19. Thanks for the service, you've provided myself and many others more value than you probably realize. ✌️🙏

I agree with most of your predictions. Furthermore i think it is very important for the crypto currency universe to have a strong Bitcoin. If Bitcoin starts to slip compared to all the alt coins it will in my opinion destabilize the trust in cryptocurrinecies, because there will always come new coins but if they can't hold their value, why would people use it as a mean to storage their wealth. Furthermore i believe most of the alt coins with little purpose other than being a currency will fall hard. - Which in my opinion is a good and nececary thing for the crypto currency universe in the long run

Thanks Crypt0! You really do a great job at keeping our growing community informed with the latest info. Thanks for all you do!

Props to you crypt0 for the great info. Love it when you talk about Steemit on your channel. I have been following you for about a year, and I checked out steemit a long time ago when you mentioned it and did not fall in love. Then you mentioned it again and it got me to check it out again, along with Jerrbanfield and boom, I'm hooked. I am now trying to get out and tell people what I think about the platform, and cryptos I am excited about. I will take a piece from the way you do things, in the way that you do not force an opinion, you just say what you believe in. When you do that, even more people follow you because the sense the realness! Cheers 🍻

You mentioned the Status ICO today...and how the ERC20 token/Ethereum network is sluggish...
It goes to show you how global Ethereum's reach is, because that ICO if you were a US citizen you couldn't participate...due to Swiss blaa blaa blaa.... Free Market thank around, VPN connection via another country problem solved. Shhhh (:

Omar is there any chance you let us know how one could get access to the spreadsheet you mention @ the 30:50 mark on tonight's webcast? I'm very interested in diversifying my Portfolio based on market factors such as you mention, that spreadsheet functionality would be great. Of course I'm down for throwing some crypto towards said party who created it....Thanks in advance, please mention in next webcast, links?

Props to you for inspiring me to use this platform! Been following you since April.

Hi Omar, great vid as usual! Could you provide us with a time table of your talk(s)? That way it is easier for me to stay up to date ;). By the way your comment on voting power made me come back here!

  ·  4년 전

Resteemed To My 410 Followers! Good Luck!!!

Just finished watching this on YouTube !

Currently watching your latest installment on my AppleTV. Great work as always @crypt0! Keep up the good work, sir!

When I gotta go to bed but this drops ;(

Thanks for the video. I came
Here from your YouTube channel. Been following you for a bit and decided to join after you mentioned it. Keep up the fine work man.

It's always a great pleasure to read posts of people, who share valuable information for both beginners and experts! Thanks @crypt0

Thank you for sharing this helpful post specialy for newbie like me. looking forward to have knowledge about bitcoins! Great post @crypto kindly follow me @haleyaerith. Im very new here still confuse of things. 😄

Good job.

  ·  4년 전

Thank for this video Crypt0, the dog still not for sale (JK)? I'm watching your videos now from Steemit, used to watch daily directly from Youtube.

Love your briefs man! Tezos FUD on the Bancor part... guess when their ICO is? 7/1 Terrible old world tactics

Another informative video, thanks. HF19 is indeed interesting and, I think, a good change for Steemit. Impressed at the speed with which it was brought to fruition too, especially when compared to what's happening with the proposed BTC changes at the moment.

I'm new to Steemit, but I really like it's twist on the social networking world. Rewarding original authors, emphasis on the 'original' there, is a great way to keep content fresh and interesting. A great future in store for the platform I hope.

I recently found your channel on YT, but quickly switched to watching here on Steemit instead. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all the information you put out, it has really been helpful in getting myself up to date on the crypto-currency world and peaked my interest in mining again.

I first started mining back in 2013, but lost interest when my GPU's became obsolete and sold everything I had mined. Biggest mistake of my life!

I've gotten back into cyrpto-currencies and have been investing heavily in Steem and building up my channel here as well.
I even broke out the old Gridseed miners to earn some LTC and I've been converting some of that into Steem too. I think this platform is going to be big!

Thanks for sharing! I'm new here but learning a lot in this space. Have you been participating in many ICOs? Following you and looking forward to future posts.

Tried to get in on the Status ico but my transactions did not go through but if only I know what I now know about ico pooling I would probably be more successful. Will probably make sure that I join a pool if another ico opportunity comes by.

Thanks for your work. Quite appreciated!
And I like you're aware of Clif and take his ideas into account. Been following him and in regular contact since 2007 or so.

Omar you got me back onto the cryto currency train. To the moon!

Learning a lot from you!! Thank you!!

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Watching it now. Thanks for the new Steemit news on votingup. Done and Done.. Words of wisdom: A rising tide lifts all Ships, lol.. First amendment very important..

Thanks for the updates everyday very informative. Also gotta love the dog in the background.

Hi Crypt0,
I have been wanting to contact you to THANK YOU for all of your awesome information and hard work on You Tube and Steemit. I started watching you about 6 months ago. It has changed my life! I watch you while I drink my coffee each morning. I enjoy hearing your opinions. You have provided great information! I have "liked you" on you tube and I just ordered my Nano through your link. This week, I finally opened a Steemit account. I look forward to following you on that as well! I appreciate you! You're the BEST!

Thanks for the videos..really amazing..following you now..

Hahaha!! That was my first ever comment on steemit yesterday. I couldn't believe I got so much steem!! I had a new career planned for myself!! I've sent you a little bit bitcoin today by way of a refund and my thanks for introducing me to the crypto world.

I think you're being too optimistic with bitcoin. There have been agreements before which have failed. Nothing it done until it is done..
And the bubble is not only in alt coins, but cryptocurrencies as a whole. If alt coins start crashing, bitcoin and ether will also start crashing.

These ICOs are getting waaaay out of hand. A lot of people are going to lose their shirts

Hey Crypt0/Omar,

I am new to all these blockchain currency/assets. I think was lucky to have stumble on your youtube channel. Your video immediately enchanted me to ether and smart contract that ethereum network makes it viable. Thank you for all your hard work to make up excellent content, not just for ERC 20 tokens but for overall cryptosphere.

thanks for the news, watch you on youtube all the time

It would be a nice thing to add a translation or interpretation next to the whitepaper of smart-contracts.
Honestly I don't know how much extra work that would mean. But maybe there would be someone on the internet that wants to make it into his project... it sure looks like a need crying to be filled

Great Information, your youtube channel is amazing as well!

Thanks for your sharing, and yes, many people said that BTC will raise to above 3000 in this round. And, maybe becuase of the riase of BTC, the exchange rate from SBD to BTC drop quite a little bit. So, now thinking should I transfer out my SBD to BTC now. And to be honest, I have not purchase andy BTC or other altcoin yet. Do you ave any recommendation on the strategy for my first step in? Thanks for your help!

Hey crypt0, you're Awesome! Been Subscribed from awhile now. Basically since I started free falling down this wonderful rabbit Hole Alice wish she experienced. Thank you for the great work you do! I'm learning so much.

Great show man. I try to watch them all! You share some invaluable information.

Thank you for sharing, this is so valuable! :)

Wut about LTC and ANS?? Them ANts gon march up dat hill BraH

I just watched this. Love your work and depth of knowledge when it comes to crypto currencies. I can recommend your vids to anyone interested in crypto - great to listen to in the car or at work (if you're allowed to do so). I look forward to more of your daily content. Peace.

finished on youtube. many times your videos create an enthusiasm to buy more... and HODL...

Interesting post and good information ... thanks @crypto

I am amazed of how much knowledge you have and how smoothly you talk (I do watch you on 1.25 and sometimes 1.5 speed, but still! :) ). As always good and interesting information @crypt0

  ·  4년 전

Dude, I'm addicted. Keep it up man!

i like its. ;)

nice meet you and good opinion. follow you.
i hope we can be good friends.

  ·  4년 전

Happy to see you go live again after that CoinDesk bad behavior

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Cute dog, it just loves the bone :p

Very good info and thanks for adding value to our steemit community. Bitcoin and Steem will rule the world, a win win for all of us. Following you in order to read more of your updates...success buddy.

Thanks @crypt0 for sharing!

Again, love the puppy at the background playing with its toy bone <3


Thanks for this, great post! Sent a follow as well, keep up the good work!

Great Video, I started following recently in this platform, it is a great one, I like your videos and analysis about the crypto market and all the news to keep us updated, like a financial advisor for this market, which help us to take a good decision with our investments. Thanks @crypt0

Thanks Omar, great info as per usual <3

Why don't you stream on your main channel? Great show!

Thanks for posting these. I am a newby to crypto currencies. I am learning a ton by listening to you !

Hey man, I follow you on youtube keep up the good work, we want a talk about EOS, is it going to be a disruptive technology for the already disruptive one witch is Ethereum?

Hey i watch your youtube videos. Yes thanks for explaining how hf19 steem power voting gets reduced after like 10 votes. I been trying to understand how it works.


The dog's name is Wallace? I thought he said "Wallet" when I first heard the name. lol

Hi Omar! Are you concerned with the future of Ethereum, based on the recent optimism in the bitcoin space to meet scale? More precisely, with RSK (rootstock) being able to enable smart contracts on bitcoin.
I think Ethereum will be fine as it's clearly beat RSK to market, but I find the threat interesting and will definitely keep an eye out.

Good stuff Omar

I'm not so sure it'll be an alt coin bubble pop as much as people pulling money out for bitcoin until bitcoin stabilizes (after its rise up). Where was Litecoin? I didn't hear that in your top 6 stable coins.

You look like you are praying to the Bitcoin/Ethereum God in that pic for your video haha...
I hope ETH keeps going up as the mining difficulty is getting to be exponentially harder, the Dap is increasing.
You can check out my mining success here:
Check out my blogs here:
and here:
Keep up the good work and continued success here and on youtube and in life. You have my support.

Cheers Omar for all the video and info man. Who to ask for information, none of my friends /colleagues seem to even know about BTC/ETH even after me repeatedly sharing with them asking to research on it. They still think its a scam, but after i sent them ur links and videos more than 10(not a big no. though) of them go into investing in crypto.
Share your wisdom ~ :)