Crypto Market Rallies Into The New Year: Ethereum is Back! / ICO Mania / Peter Thiel Buys BTC / More

3년 전

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I got to watch another live one today...
Glad to see you didn't party to hard. I was waiting for the next one of these.
When I watched the stream it must have been buffering for the longest time lol. Anyways love the stream and the news you provide. Keep making crypto easy to learn!!!

Smashed it like always Omar, can't wait to see that long hair!

I like that you're including your 'intro to crypto' video in your posts, @crypt0. The more people understand how it actually works, the better. Happy New Year :)

Man awesome video, do you do these once a week or how often? Really quality content made enjoyable. I wasn't gonna watch the whole thing at work.... but then I did.

I think the main takeaway is to take all your money out of crypto and get back into banks, its safer

  ·  3년 전

Steem Dollars is the BIG winner right now!!!


And also Steem. Such nice growth we have seen here!

Thanks for your Cryptocurrency news I appreciate your post @crypt0

Thank you @crypt0 Mr for this very useful information

Great content as always, but why not mention the surge Steem has seen over the past week, especially given it’s one of the platforms you post on? Would like to hear your thoughts on that.

good man😍

Please make a review on Komodo!

I wish you good luck!

I love bit coin. And your post is excellent. I watching to your video.thanks @crypt0

I love the way you post video on crypocurrency thanks for sharing.

I just followed you cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit that might be productive for you too...

I want to quote a letter I read to you. Conclusion what will be expected together :)
Shane Chanel, an adviser to Australian investment firm ASR Wealth Advisers, says investors may start to focus on virtual currencies outside the bitcoin in the coming months.

"I think crypto money madness has just begun," Chanel said.

that's pretty cool to know, thank goodness we are part of it...