Ripple's METEORIC Rise To #2 / Poloniex To Require Documentation / USA Tax Bill / Much More!

4년 전

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Hi. We're from the Government. We're here to help you.

It was only a matter of time before Uncle Scam would be kicking in the door to the Crypto party. The real question is "why are so many people surprised?"

I am a HUGE Fan of OMAR @crypt0 .......I think this Ripple Move caught mant people by Surprise including me. I believe that there is news coming within the week and whatever that news maybe will then cause the price of Ripple to show some Profit Taking. A lot of people have made great money on this Ripple Run !


2018 will be the year of the alt you might even see a flippening.

There's a new game in town and the fucking banskters don't like the competition. Fuck em I say

@crypt0: There is a user reposting your videos and making 10x the money you are.


Please tell me if this is actually allowed by you, or someone totally different. You should probably do something about it lol


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Difference between Ripple (XRP) & Bitshares (BTS) (or any DPOS for that matter):

Ripple (XRP):
ONLY institutions can become a "validator" (processor of transactions in Ripple network). Every server processes every transaction according to the same deterministic, known rules.

Bitshares (BTS):
ANYONE can become a validator ("witness"). The stakeholders (i.e. BTS holders) can elect any number of witnesses to generate blocks. A block is a group of transactions which update the state of the database. Each account is allowed one vote per share per witness. The top N witnesses by total approval are selected. The number (N) of witnesses is defined such that at least 50% of voting stakeholders believe there is sufficient decentralization. Each time witnesses produce a block, they are paid for their services. Their pay rate is set by the stakeholders via their elected delegates. If a witness fails to produce a block, then they are not paid, and may be voted out in the future.

very good my friend,followed

The biggest 'innovation' out of the #Ripple team was making the supply so freaking large that unit price seems cheap even though $XRP is 2nd most expensive by market cap. Tricks all the stupid $ into buying in.

well i m so happy to hold my some ripple from last august and now i m in 8 time profit and i hope it will give me more profit...but about this poloniex news is new for me and i also have my ripple in poloniex @cryp0

Ripple is crazy! Literally crypto investing is sucks when your money goes down until you see that spike. Thanks crypt0 love your show, I want to hear your explanation of your job to someone like your parents or grandparents! 💸💸

Thank you @crypt0 Mr for this professional video and information regarding #xrp currency
You really will reach $ 10

Artificial Intelligence and CryptoCurrency is going to be a big part of our future and we have no idea what it will bring us, some aspects will be good, some might turn out to be terrible.

2018 is great for xrp ...

And that's why we need Bitshares. No regulator can knock at the door because there is no door!

great post..i just joined steemit and realized I'm also subscribed to your youtube channel.

the great update about crypto....something is happening so fastly on the way..
great information...


good post. can make me and all readers interested and follow you .. really be an example in writing .. i like your post .. thanks for sharing ...

Now that the IRS is going to consider digital assets as real property, not just property, the tax implications could be greatly increased. Instead of being able to trade back and forth between cryptos, every time you trade you could be taxed on gains. Time to HODL Ripple rather than trading in and out.


Poor Americans! Sounds like a gulag... Do not trade for a fear of tax implications. That is sad.

Your r a great sir. You always post helpful thing.I always upvote and resteem your post sir... upvote and resteem done

ripple is more attractive coin now and always bcz i listen 4 months ago the some asian banks and also the UAE bank will going to accept xrp

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Ripple being number two literally means it will gain media attention, companies will start accepting the coin which will make the price even much higher @crypt0 great post mate

so how are the crypto coin prices calculated and who sets them ?????????????????????????

Are you the video?

love the vids. keep em coming

Great info!!!

This is me when I was a little kid with ice cream all over my face.

Here is a great review of Raiden Network Token, a great upcoming coin I wrote:

Nice post