Tether Called Into U.S. Court: Market Correction Deepens 🤔 / Facebook Bans Crypto Ads / Much More!

2년 전

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I am still trying to figure out why if tether goes down it will hurt all of crypto. To me its just some alt junk coin like 1400 others!

Anyone else curious if Facebook's announcement to ban crypto/ICO advertising was deliberately timed following the Tether/Bitfinex subpeona news to make the cryptospace look less appealing and/or legitimate given the market was already declining?


It def wouldn't surprise me...

I've been watching your videos for a while and i love the entertaining way you present news of all things crypto. Keep up the good work and stay South Florida proud!


Heyy, shout out to our #Florida people lol :) #cryptonation

Nice update. The biconnect guy clip was funny.

Will be interesting to see if Clif Highs $13,888 BTC mid Feb prediction will come true, as if it does it means the Tether drama may not turn out to be a scam after all. I guess only time will tell...

Am simply inquisitive, are a few specialists forcing Facebook to boycott crypto Ads or only for their wellbeing??
It is uplifting news to Steemit however on the grounds that we are as of now a built up crypto site and its simple to pass any crpyto related data here.

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Wow.. I think.. that bitconnect guy needs a compass... "Hi im Carlos Matos..I lost all my bitconnect!!! HEY HEY HEEEEEYYY ....Wassaaup waassaaaup waassaaup..." ImageChef.com

great information. very helpful post.
thanks for sharing

Hah! Zuckerboy : I’m going to be looking into crypto this year

(1 week later) bans all talk of crypto

(2 months later) announces Facebook ICO

I've been viewing your recordings for some time and I cherish the engaging way you display news of all things crypto. Keep doing awesome South Florida pleased

The whole Market is being highly manipulated right now! U.S. consumers are the ones that are being hurt the worst!

amazing post about cryptocurrency..i think many people learn many think from here...good job

great info!!! thank you for sharing :)

Lol I wonder what they are so worried about..

I support you.and try to always support .Your content is help to me know crypto...
Go ahead

Very interesting and knowledgeable video
I am happy to follow you

Thank you for sharing@crypto. Best regards

Hi help me so I can succeed like you @ khalil380 @crypto

2 Billion users on Facebook.

How fast would they adopt a facebook coin?

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.19.16 PM.png

Thanks for keeping us focused on the main news. It can easily become overwhelming with how much is going on in the crypto-world. I can see how it can be intimidating for newcomers and can also be a reason for the slow growth in the market

Yo yo yo lol! :) Sounds like the subpoena from regulators is their lame attempt to drag Tether into U.S. jurisdiction lol....#ItsATrap

good post ,thank you.

Am just curious, are some authorities pressuring Facebook to ban crypto Ads or just for their safety??

It is good news to Steemit though because we are already an established crypto site and its easy to pass any crpyto related info here.

Upvote and resteem.