US Congress Praises Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

3년 전

The US Congress just released its massive joint report on the state of the economy, and for the first time an entire chapter is dedicated to cryptocurrency. What’s even more extraordinary are the number of bullish sentiments on the future of the emerging technology like:

  • Blockchain Looks Like the New Internet
  • Cryptocurrencies Could Outshine Government Fiat
  • Blockchain Is Secure and Efficient
  • Blockchain May Transform Many Industries



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If these are the takeaways from the recent government report then I would say they are 5 to 8 years behind at the minimum. These were the same points used to promote bitcoin in the early years. They couldn't defeat crypto or co opt it so the only choice left is to accept it.


still convinced that they are sleeping on blockchain and in for a rude awakening.

Although concurrency and blockchain CAN go separate ways, I believe the future binds them together. Miners need to be rewarded and if those are fees taken out of the customer it is still comparable to bankfees. The rewarding system binds them.

Praise be to Crypto.

Yes, the almighty government must eventually accept what is coming and work with it, rather than against it. With the approval ratings of nearly every government official going to sh* is no surprise the people are not happy with how our countries are run.

Being able to manage and control a currency for the people, without government control, has them scrambling. Accepting it is the smartest thing they can do right now.

I like this. Followed you