Using Open Broadcaster Software as Proof of Holding

6년 전

If you happened to read my last post, I suggested to show "Proof of Holding" of my investment portfolio. I was wondering what would be the easiest/quickest yet hard to fake way of doing so until I remembered a software I had recently installed.

Its called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and is very popular among streamers on Twitch or Youtube.

So my idea would be to record when I submit this post thus proving the time on the block-chain and then refreshing the page while being logged in on the exchange's accounts. Like this (warning, music included):

Any thoughts?

(decided not to use an image from pixabay for the thumbnail on this post after all, the thumbnail of the youtube non-adrevenue youtube video is from This Steemit Post)

PS. The video link will be added after submitting the post next time in a Proof of Holding video (and will be a lot shorter getting right to the point)

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