๐Ÿ”ฅ Are There Any Facts Backing Up The Expectation Of STEEM's Price Rising? Data Analysis On 11/13/2020 UTC. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user fresh-foam has donated 3,700.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction edf27e4dfbf9a22dcc8ee85e6b01f50982fc1b7a on 09/16/2020 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user fresh-foam has received from coin-doubler.

109/17/2020117.041 STEEM8879b93ae49009685dfb58b8f33fb968666439c6
209/18/2020132.433 STEEM0eaac315fc3a97f44aa21af1f7f4b102d898571d
309/19/2020128.730 STEEM4d74c2faa69d7af315e662de4d2083b55dadb2ae
409/20/2020130.177 STEEM60b87dbef30612f8e35d8d8dece69dabe31692ba
509/21/2020143.786 STEEMecfcf8e6a24674770aa1c03a7d9c5dcf04a6e02f
609/22/2020126.557 STEEMe89c42ee222b2890de444baf7128d3273db4252b
709/23/2020124.053 STEEM0d4d72752355830b4e5c5b046935a5a8add1d2e5
809/24/2020125.243 STEEM06263b6dacbf713ea0d8c38e0d0de1d0135dc438
909/25/2020135.030 STEEMec77272062ca7fe05fc020fa963ed5ed34dd9d71
1009/26/2020128.862 STEEM337bf74452d8fc5f0129574bc2c9bea11b3517fc
1109/27/2020119.557 STEEM6ff7a8604c628841a05609aea8d6a1f68dfc9a17
1209/28/2020125.928 STEEMba0c89c0e923e7cfafa06c9083f30022410166b4
1309/29/2020112.247 STEEMa0ed339b8b5f1e66f69993749d6a6487056b3e37
1409/30/2020146.286 STEEM525287817a6aa671006ba00f4a1d9e050e95869b
1510/02/2020262.852 STEEM8ec0ffddeef13067e556f3a1f2e1b98442872481
1610/03/2020135.209 STEEM9d7f3041869fc7f74ac8e316c9191b28cfb083a6
1710/04/2020140.097 STEEM69b45e3746dc036ace56acb09f9547d612ae2750
1810/05/2020116.226 STEEM53c5659a52f07375b7cb83b4b5ed4f45c58f3a75
1910/06/2020121.350 STEEM28990984ee5f9ddf8a9105294f42737ceab92f68
2010/07/2020144.739 STEEMfcff88cad54947de30d80c05f3f05c56fa2af36e
2110/08/2020125.441 STEEMd86492ba20335638387e509b3314b7f2f9934347
2210/09/2020139.742 STEEM478c0289c081b3fbb01578a418efe340c3ddb681
2310/10/2020113.739 STEEMa6e80c4fcb0bfe82ae7572b8ef3b0806addd44e3
2410/11/2020147.149 STEEM45537ff27449afa5a29044df6f5ff540b1ce3c24
2510/12/2020134.437 STEEMe5687c2610609c182ee94609384db9cdc48c1d6d
2610/13/2020130.449 STEEM3301d7eb97e56d400c523a4dce77863e581385ff
2710/14/2020111.173 STEEM430f8e9ab43408577d10e9d7313f6c68007f1e30
2810/15/2020119.269 STEEM07b6604de4bbd9eb991efbe9b19a3df8653f9856
2910/16/2020137.461 STEEM0fc4c034f3d89dff299ea1cdcb68780acaa71c91
3010/17/2020119.952 STEEM3fe755be5cd848af4eb9443395f948b22d1b12c7
3110/19/2020243.637 STEEM52dfb94d468bb38605c11965c935f4bd5c29d0cc
3210/20/2020146.709 STEEMd6063c1ad754e2ddfeadc1b01d1e3d54d881957a
3310/21/2020115.717 STEEM9bb85969b6f862d02945d0dbc483f0380af8b703
3410/22/2020129.561 STEEMfba5e37a5926da2114783d01b19b682b270cdc07
3510/23/2020133.530 STEEMeadc34f82568958e5c367a413aa612dbfe97be12
3610/24/2020127.827 STEEM13104c3a2468d36540d09322492d0cccdc5410e3
3710/25/2020114.494 STEEM257bb61db3fa978867340516071a8211c2aabb22
3810/26/2020122.331 STEEMd7f9e0957764e0c61e2ac614a165378770820339
3910/27/2020118.457 STEEMa09b72cbca83bd29e4d777daaabd825c82a2c070
4010/28/2020132.415 STEEMdfeab107ae7fbf51b3fea83b9ebbcd49dbf57f53
4110/29/2020117.036 STEEMfe870da6f8215e211a7d1729b778bfde867f5e4a
4210/30/2020117.479 STEEMa7d13fef32fbc4f35a2305027367e31d8e62655a
4310/31/2020138.348 STEEM2827c51e06d2634409a0e3a60c6f99e4f40b0e9a
4411/01/2020138.505 STEEM17b8669b5c2053ef1c36b7324293a9cd1e51fe72
4511/02/2020114.066 STEEM30400ae12f45140cd57a6573090911e7119f601b
4611/03/2020144.295 STEEM73f6cc8d6a63a84e8ff332b61b09c6446eaf51da
4711/04/2020146.809 STEEM611f3dc2753a393c97ccdadd1673e6aaf61b9f85
4811/05/2020119.849 STEEM13c88410570660abc83c8fdeb669bc467a31839d
4911/06/2020147.982 STEEMfbeeec236e606a0884cfbbde52ce6ce868f54c9d
5011/07/2020127.649 STEEM9a61d47904cdf697b28727d9c537c60da023817e
5111/08/2020124.106 STEEM5a6f68643e77da34d3767c219d98a250742ea891
5211/09/2020116.362 STEEM311762de6a8720d1724d781c0ee44067ab3ca1b3
5311/10/2020120.071 STEEMbed5a0f75319cd3158274cd0b92d80cc612fe25c
5411/11/2020113.201 STEEM7a987c88a7b406383b7337311fc1ffede18f607a
5511/12/2020136.374 STEEM16c8175397329b10c31e8b422fa1aedd51b7699b
5611/13/202097.975 STEEMd85fb8b7bd3c7f8e9a4e3515baea342de397641c

Total: 7,400.000 STEEM


The user fresh-foam has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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