Digitex: the future of the Futures Exchange

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A financial future is a purchase-sale operation that consists of determining the conditions today but postponing the actual execution of the operation at another time (also perfectly defined) in the future.

The buyer of a future contract has the obligation to purchase the corresponding asset (stocks, commodities, etc.) on the due date, and the seller of that future contract has the obligation to deliver the asset to the buyer in said future. due date.

For example, 2 investors can agree to buy / sell 100 steem on 1-2-2018 at a price of 1 dollar by buying / selling 1 future contract, but the operation will actually run 2-3-2018, that will be when the buyer disburses the money (100 dollars = 1 x 100) and the seller delivers the 100 steem. 1 futures contract on shares represents 100 shares, except for temporary exceptions due to capital increases or other corporate operations that affect the company's capital stock.

This type of contract has its history since the nineteenth century when pacts were generated for future seeds advance payments before the harvest, in these times is widely used worldwide on a variety of assets including cryptocurrencies but generate commissions that they hold back investors, on the other hand no such platform has entered the blockchain to use this technology in favor of the market

Digitex Futures Exchange:

Digitex is the first Futures Exchange without commissions in the block chain. Which seeks to generate a sustainable ecosystem through its own token called DGTX which should be used by operators who make life in their platform and thus be able to sustain a system that does not live on transaction fees, achieving a very high attractiveness on the platform that attracts operators generating more demand for DGTX tokens to maintain and operate without having transaction fees

Let's go space:

In order to understand the subject, it is necessary to decipher how the platform will work and in what way the operative expenses are maintained and thus be able to offer the offer of 0 commissions

Token DGTX:

The great protagonist of the Digitex platform is its token, since it will generate the sustenance of the entire platform through a well-planned system with many factors that help maintain a healthy economy within the ecosystem

The actors that use the platform will speculate on an external asset, but everything generated in those transactions will be paid in DGTX token, which generates the need to have that token of the platform, generating a demand for the chip, the more demand the value exists of the chip will be more solid and strong

Using the value of the card, the platform will create a number of new tokens each year and thus it will be able to cover the operational demand of the same, this achieved through the blockchain technology, generating its own sustainable ecosystem to cover its operational costs.

So, are we understanding?

A platform is created, a token is created that is necessary for the operators to participate, this token acquires value, and the platform generates an annual token amount to compensate for the operational catches and to be able to grant a system with no transaction fees

And the inflation for the new tokens where it is?

Operators in Digitex use decentralized governance by Blockchain to determine how many new DGTX tokens to issue and the amount, this means that it is not a commission of the platform that decides how many tokens need annual to maintain the platform, this important issue does not fall on a person or a group of people that could damage the economy of Digitex, there is the perfect solution to protect the economy of the platform!!

let's study the subject better:

If you are operator Digitex and you own tokens DGTX then you are part of the governance of which we speak, each operator is part of the government of the platform, which has a voting power and is used to govern issues they have to do with the creation of new DGTX tokens within the platform

A good example is eteemit:

Here on our platform there is a voting power which is gaining and increasing with the reputation and participation of people, this voting power is used in the platform to grant certain governance on various matters

In Digitex users and operators with the token may vote on the amount of token that is generated to keep the platform, so the balance is required for all participants want the platform remains in excellent condition gets as and also want protect the value of the DGTX token that they possess, this balance ensures the lowest inflation that is generated by the creation of new tokens and that must be easily overcome with the token demand generated on the platform

What benefit does Digitex have, that others do not have?

Decentralization is a fundamental factor in the platform that works for large masses of people, being able to feel safe in the sense of how it is handled and making decisions in this type of platform is what is causing large movements to migrate to the blockchain

It is not minor theme to have a decentralized exchange that generates security of future functionality, you are managing all our assets in these systems and we want to be sure that governance is not in the hands of the few, I feel safe in a mass of people in which we all participate and together we go to a safe harbor

Taking into account the main point of advantage in my opinion, I go to the second very important point, the commissions for transactions, because in this future market the profit margins and even losses can be narrow in many cases, adding to this the commission for transactions which makes it very unattractive to conclude a contract of this type, eliminating the commission factor generates a more pleasant point of view on the subject, it even protects both parties in a certain way that they feel more secure at the time to conclude the contract

It is also a system of decentralized exchange which is governed by the users themselves so in this model always the balance seeks to provide greater benefit to people and not the company itsel

Case of use:

Carlos is a lover of mechanics, apart from being attracted to the world of cryptocurrencies and the actions of companies for a long time, now he is trying to make his retirement based on the blockchain, he knows what the future is and that your withdrawal should place you in a reliable cryptocurrency

In these moments Carlos works 6 days a week in his workshop, it is a physical work and he does not know until when he can do it, he has received very good payments and he wants to invest them in the long term and thus forming his retirement, Carlos meets Marta He is selling part of his shares of a very good company and he wants to buy it, but Martha has these shares in a fixed contract for 6 months, Marta needs to sell and Carlos does not want to miss the opportunity to keep those shares.

They decide to use the Digitex platform using an operator they carry out their contract that is celebrated today, agreeing a price for the shares that will be released in 6 months, apart they are happy with the idea of ​​not spending in commissions due to the use of the platform, so Marta already has her buyer, she does not have to look for more and Carlos already knows that she will be able to count on those actions in the future

I invite you to watch the video about Digitex elaborated by @aerossone

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