IONChain: the future of the IoT is here!

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IoT: The technology that promises to change the world by connecting everything to the Internet and IONChainwill create the momentum needed to achieve it

One of the most promising technologies of the century offers to connect to the Internet some 20,000 million electronic devices until 2020, from digital phones to aerospace equipment seeking to encompass the technology of things in a single world

Connecting a mobile phone, a television or a digital clock to the Internet is no longer a novelty in the current technological age and has become for many a common practice or a real necessity.

But doing it with a traffic light, a first-aid kit or a thermoelectric plant sounds more like a marketing strategy than a technological need, is not it? Many specialists believe that connecting everything to the Internet has become one of the most successful technological advances that will make life easier for millions of people and thousands of companies around the world.

The term Internet of Things (IoT) was proposed in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, a British engineer and entrepreneur who created the Auto-ID research center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). USA Ashton was sure that the IoT had "the potential to change the world as the Internet did," from the connection of all the electronic equipment that surrounds us, the measurement of the external parameters to them and the automation of many of the activities that the human being performs.

In this way, already in our days there is the possibility of creating smart cities which use the data to function in different and very independent ways, that perform an automatic control of the traffic congestion from the data measured directly in the vehicles or the traffic lights , or inform about the delivery of shifts and medicines in their hospitals, or the security and surveillance system. It is estimated that by 2020, 75% of vehicles will be connected to the Internet.


The future of the IoT:

In terms of business, the IoT is one of the most coveted technological opportunities of today. Experts estimate that by 2020 there will be more than 20,000 million electronic devices connected to the Internet (about 3 for every human being living on this planet), although other studies predict that in the most developed countries there will be an average of 500 measuring devices installed in each home.

These impressive figures are accompanied by no less impressive business offers for investors. The US consultancy Gartner estimates that by the end of this decade they will generate revenues of more than 300,000 million dollars in the field of IoT, while the analysts of Machina Research estimate global revenues above 3 billion dollars in 2025 in this segment .


At IONChainthey are clear: we help the IoT grow

The ionchain organization is created in 2018 to contribute to non-profit research, have an ongoing task that is to help research and create a sustainable ecosystem on IoT technology, the growing market on this technology needs a platform that drives it in a decentralized way to strengthen the future and the constant progress of the IoT
The ecosystem will cost with all the tools that help the evolution of the same, will be monitored and guided by the IONchain team from its beginnings until achieving a sustainable and functional ecosystem that in the end becomes an autonomous entity that operates without human interference.

The governance of the IONChain goes through several factors:

. Admission of IO devices in the IONChain
. Set the basic rules of IO data transfer
. Create a sustainable economy
. Create regulations for community voting mechanisms
. Support the IoT research and creation of DAPP for the system


IONChain concept

In 1887, the famous Swedish physicist Arrhenius proposed the theory of ionization. He stated that just like molecules and atoms, ions are also the basic particles of matter. Just like ions in physics, IONChain aims to become the underlying particle in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Through their IONChain Protocol, IONChain will serve as the link between IoT devices, supporting decentralized peer-to-peer application interaction between devices.

information from ionchain web


IONChain: the ion of atom IoT

In search of P2P communication between intelligent devices in a decentralized way IONChain creates the union of the blockchain technology with the IoT world, the use of intelligent contracts and decentralized technology generates a world of superior possibilities for the technology of the IoT
The number of IoT devices that carry IoT software and transmits data has reached 14,866 million in 2015, and is expected to grow up to 30,000 million by 2020 and even then there is no ecosystem that encompasses the market, the growth of this technology is exponential and If we guide its course, the advance will be even greater and more effective

With the creation of a platform that encompasses everything related to the IoT is aimed at improving the market, the power to provide all the necessary elements for the decentralized drive that is needed, from an economy that supports the creation and innovation of new technology as a connection network for devices globally


EDGE on the blockchain for the IoT

EDGE, or EGPRS, can be used in any data transfer based on packet switching (Packet Switched), as is the connection to the Internet. The benefits of EDGE can be seen in applications that require a high data rate, or bandwidth, such as video or other multimedia services.
EDGE can achieve a transmission speed of 384 Kbps in packet mode and under the right conditions, Edge can become a crucial optimization layer of the cloud.


Implementing EDGE technology will reduce the latency of the network's feedback, improve the user experience and significantly expand the number of scenarios where the IoT can be used, many doors open when obtaining a higher and more reliable response speed


The IonChain network created for edge computing (IONChain Fog Computing)

Each of the IoT device manufacturers, IoT builders, data owners and applicants can take what they need within the ICON network of networks to form a complete loop of IoT business.IONChain perfectly complies with architectural requirements of Edge computing technology and can make full use of the computing power of the network nodes.

Through this network of nodes it is possible to lower the response time at the computer level for the IoT system, increasing the use of the cloud in more cases of use of said technology and as compensation to the users of these teams, the action is created : "Each device is a mining machine" IONC will encourage small or medium-sized companies with their own interest or even people to join IoT projects and boost the development of IoT facilities

Through a novel algorithm, the data that each device can handle is analyzed so that it performs the analysis task, if the data of greater magnitude will go to the cloud, so the task is distributed, seeking to reduce the response times to give the speed that is needs to open new doors to IoT technology


A device, a currency, a code is born


Device "means IoT devices," Currency "means IONC and" Code "is the unique identification code

The hartware of the devices can be developed with a unique identification code and the blockchain technology makes all system information traceable. To resolve the contradiction between the volume of data blocks and the transaction speed, IONChain presents IPFS (planetary inter file system) to allow the distributed storage and encryption of IoT data, mining is also helped in the ecosystem in order to give back to the factors that act and creating an economy that through the use of intelligent contracts of the blockchain technology different users can create their own exchanges of assets within the ecosystem



Create a broad economy the future! The economy of the IoT market is born

The livelihood is vital for the human being, today there is a lot of potential locked in a store behind a counter or serving in a restaurant, I do not want to underestimate any work but there are people who have enormous potential in certain areas and do not exploit that potential for the simple fact that it is not profitable or have other needs to cover monetarily, it is a real shame, people who have potential in the area of ​​computing and can help in such advanced technologies as artificial intelligence or IoT


google image

They simply do not find a market where they can place their knowledge, or maybe the country where they live is very backward in these technologies and there is no source of employment or that drives those who are passionate about this type of work, the reality that if there is no global market that helps the impulse simply miss opportunities to grow
The creation of a complete decentralized ecosystem using the blockchain technology helps to expand an economy in a global way, internal markets are born that create opportunities for those people who did not see market for their passion, companies can place their products so that they have a new impulse, software can be developed or tested in different areas and thus evolve faster towards the future

Creating all the tools for a healthy and decentralized market generates an unparalleled growth opportunity for IoT technology


Imagine a more connected future (use case)

My mother is an intensive care nurse, the staff that works there must study at least 5 years as graduates and then do post-grades and additional studies for a minimum total of 8 years of studies and thus be able to have the knowledge for an area as delicate as it is intensive care inside a hospital

I remember in one visit I was able to enter a pavilion and see 15 beds and a staff of 5 nurses plus medical specialists who were there, I heard in a conversation that the beds were all occupied and could not give admission to a patient who was sensitive, after A while when my mother left her shift I asked her, Why are not there more beds if it's physical space is big? There were enough people there to take good care, I thought so

My mother's response was: the patients in this ward are very sensitive and need to be closely monitored, the different devices produce a series of data that the nurses must monitor and that is why each nurse must attend a maximum of 3 beds per every 8 hours of work

google image

Reading about the IoT technology, I moved to another world, a world where the devices of these beds in the intensive care room were connected to each other, where a network gave support and all the data could be managed from the operations center that they have the nurses in the same room, so good that when detecting any anomaly in the patient the device connected to their body can notify the nurses directly in their surveillance center, that they give the data, the clinical history, the bed where the patient and many more data and thus help save lives and a faster response by the group of doctors and nurses

Analyzing this idea I imagine a room not only with 15 beds, I imagine many beds available for all patients who need it, each bed with their devices connected and ready to monitor and notify the care group of any new, I imagine that nurses will be able learn about this system with the doctors and thus be able to serve more patients with the same number of staff available

I know that this will be possible in the not too distant future the IoT will help save many lives !!


Great teams create great possibilities !!!

IONChain team


Please watch a video about IONChain made by me

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