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1.0 importance of the communities:

In the origins of humanity, Primitive Man knew that by itself it did not have the same value or effectiveness as if it was able to Join Others, and this is the case when he started working as a team to get Better Goods and Resources, besides to increase the amount of them, in addition to knowing how to group together before the threats of other groups that instead of going for their own thing, they sought to plunder or steal someone else's, and that is how the first Tribes or Villages were born that gave origin to what today is our modern world.

It is important to live in community since man by nature needs the communication and help of others. Community life should not be a part of our existence, if it should not be our entire existence.Living in community helps us to improve as people because the influence of others helps us to correct ourselves, to create goals and plans, to not feel alone and depressed to open our horizons.


In NATIVE it is clear that in the union of people is the future, no matter the reason that unites them, the important thing is the common struggle, if you group with people who are in their same synchrony of insurance will reach success! ! native offers a unique platform for the emergence of groups of people with common affinities, helps to implement a healthy economy and range and thus help the success of these groups in achieving their goals

Each community can create its own environment in NATIVE, add its own token and create its own address, each community has the power to create an environment directed by its members through a series of mechanisms integrated in the platform, in this environment rise the members and curators

2:1 members and curators:


any user of the native platform who joins a group of their interest becomes a member of that community, members are important to keep a community alive in a healthy way, they make decisions and perform various tasks or surveys to opt for a token from the community where it belongs, the same user can be a member of different communities


The most active users with more knowledge in the communities will be able to choose to be curators of these, they are the group administrators and they must enforce the regulations of each community, they send information of interest to the members and they can carry out research work to achieve improve their environment, propose votes and thus achieve positive changes in the communities


3.0 Components of the NATIVE platform:

3.1 Global platform token (NTV):

The NATIVE platform creates a global token which is interchangeable by any token generated within the communities, the reference of the economy is based on this general token which creates the liquidity that the platform needs, NTV keeps its reserves in Bancor Token of net . However, this could change in the future. Now if you want to take a step back you can also do with a percentage less than 10%

3.2 Single community token:

each group or community that has the light in NATIVE can create its own token with which it gives life to its internal economy and thus be able to grant a membership to its future members and also be able to share the tasks in its environment and power give back for these people who participate

They are created as Bancor Smart Tokens so they are created with reserves that grant the bearer the power to convert tokens between any two currencies of the ecosystem

3.3 Projects:

The projects within the communities are created with a stock of assets that are sheltered until it comes to an end or the members believe it is prudent to solve, each project is born through a control interface that is monitored by the curators of the community, an example is an acquisition of some work tool for a community, this issue becomes a project that is released on the air, all members vote and it is decided if those assets there are invested in that tool or not

3.4 Tasks:

As its name indicates, it is a task that must be done within the community, for each task there is a reward that has to be paid, so the members of the community can ask for assignments to be carried out and so on. Claim your reward, it is clear that the task must be done under pre-established parameters

3.5 Polls:

In order to carry out a proposal in the community, surveys are carried out that the members carry out and thus they give their vote on any topic that is relevant, this is important since it democratizes the community and assists the member of it


4.0 communities and their importance:

The classical concept of what a "community" is offered by the sociologist and historian Max Weber, who defines it as: "(...) a social relationship when and insofar as it is inspired by the subjective (affective or traditional ) of the participants to constitute a whole ". The Methodology of Social Sciences, The Free Press, N. York, 1949. Page 40.

This traditional view of the political study maintains that the ties of the community are based fundamentally on the rationality that each participant has and exercises for himself, and on which he collaborates to unify and act in an associated way to reach a goal in common.

The impulses that motivate the socially-acting people are bonds of positive affective feelings and respect for the established traditions of the community to which they belong.

On the other hand, in addition, this definition is in total opposition to the concept of "struggle", we can say then that Max Weber considers that in a community the collaboration prevails over the struggle, the particular interests and the competition.

Different brilliant minds like Max Weber's, have seen the importance of the community for the human being, for their environment and to achieve their goals, when we unite as one is when the common good is reached, nothing is impossible in the union of humanity

Jake Vartanian together with his team bring this tool to the world of the blockchain, the power to unite us under a platform that groups active communities that fight for their achievements, grant all the tools so that each community grows and activates in order to satisfy its members, a power of learning and incalculable advance can be given life within this platform when individuals with common passions interact under the same shelter


5.0 Case of use:

5.1 Case 1: creation of communities


photo: youth orchestra of venezuela

Cross is a music lover, from boy to been in choirs and later in orchestras of the state, and at 30 he is a professional musician, he believes that humanity will have a better future if the youth takes refuge in music , even more if this youth lives difficult times

Cross never had money to buy an instrument, but he was under the shelter of the national orchestras of Venezuela, his country hit hard by bad politics has left a lot of youth disoriented, even so the orchestra system still works and he is part of this system that saves the life of many through music

Crooss believes that this example can be repeated in several parts of the world, if you give a young person the opportunity to choose between a music instrument or a rifle, he will surely choose the music, he will no longer become a murderer, he will become a musician and generate music instead of pain

Cross knows about NATIVE. He investigates and decides to start a community of musicians with his same ideals, gathers some of his friends from the orchestra, builds a community that is then spread throughout the platform and thousands of musicians in the world create a non-profit organization to bring music instruments to places as hostile as the Middle East

5.2 Case 2: members

Juan plays the violin, the peace that this beautiful instrument generates is unique, he fell in love with this instrument at age 8 when a neighbor gave him one for his birthday, Juan believes that the message left on his birthday card is clear, this he said: "enjoy and share the best of life"

Now Juan wants to share his teachings with the violin apart from being able to help with the music, so Juan meets NATIVE, enters and looks at the various existing communities, among these communities is that of CROSS, researches, reads his records, knows about the project and he wants to be part of the group, Juan makes a registry and that's it, he's already a member of the community that takes music to difficult places to live !!


video about NATIVE:


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