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The multiple benefits of cryptocurrencies are leading many entrepreneurs to be interested in this type of virtual currency that is created and stored electronically. In addition, the cryptocurrency uses encryption techniques to regulate the generation of currency units and verify the transfer of funds and operates independently of a central bank. This great gift converts them into universal currencies which can be worked from anywhere in the world, trade barriers are falling at the feet of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain

Although the first cryptocurrency was the Bitcoin, which was born in 2009, today we can find hundreds of virtual currencies such as Ripple, which is already accepted as a form of payment by many companies and startups.

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Benefits of cryptocurrencies:

The transactions are safe and transparent:

One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency is that it allows transactions to be carried out with total transparency and security. In fact, there are few failures that have occurred since the payments with virtual currency began to be part of the lives of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

The payments are immediate:

When a bank transfer is made between two different entities, the user must wait between one and five days to receive the money in his account. On the other hand, the majority of cryptocurrencies generate immediate transactions, payments are generated in seconds and can access assets from anywhere in the world
With the cryptocurrency, however, payments are made instantly and the recipient can enjoy their virtual money in just a few seconds.

Improve international transactions:

Currently, international transfers are subject to very high fees that not all users can afford. Even many businesses are not made because the profits are affected by the number of high percentages generated by charging fees
Hence, another of the benefits of cryptocurrencies lies in the improvement of this type of transactions by allowing international electronic payments with very low commissions to be made.

They make payments easily:

The facility to make transactions is another advantage of virtual currencies, which allow payments to be made by scanning a QR code that identifies the recipient and establishing the amount to be sent.

At any time and place transactions with cryptocurrency can be made at any time and place because they allow, like the vast majority of banking entities, send payments from the mobile phone

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New business types emerge: cryptocurrency trading

the other cryptocurrencies have a changing value. This value changes at every moment due to the law of supply and demand. Due to this fluctuation in its value, it allows buying and selling operations. The cryptocurrency trading is nothing more than making money buying when a certain critpomoneda is low in price and selling when its price is higher.

The cryptocurrencies has opened a possibility for investors around the world. Investors who from their computer, tablet or mobile make cryptocurrency trading with the intention of making the most of

This type of business is very fluctuating, having a reliable and fast reliable platform helps these people to stay in the market in a more secure way, the reliability of the data handled, the ability to exchange currencies quickly, counting with markets in movements can be the difference between being successful or not this type of business!

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Security problems and unreliable platforms are born:

Due to the exponential growth of the blockchain technology and its hundreds of projects valued in billions of dollars, a wave of platforms has been formed that manage to perform a type of work within the market, many are born and can not see the light, others they grow in a successful way and do not regulate or give security to the user and are used to cheat and deceive people, others are only limited to a certain part of the cryptocurrency business, so in the end the user is stranded looking for a type of secure platform that really provide all the necessary tools to create total mobility within the market
Hundreds of cases of scams have flooded the networks, many of them have reached the iodo of all worldwide, now, with the number of transactions that are made in the blockchain we are sure that this at some point would happen, they are not taking regulations and effective methods of security, it is good to be decentralized but people need safeguards, these exchange platforms that are created are only being limited to a certain part of security, they do not implement regulations already proven, in truth it is a real broth of cultivation for bad news in the future

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Misuse of the market:

This decentralized technology is breaking down the barriers of the economy, but it is also creating an open field for bad things, a lot of money laundering is happening in the cryptocurrency market, as have groups that come together to inflate tokens and then create strong falls and so manage the market to your liking leaving behind people with big losses, this must be regulated in a certain way, it is good that it is a decentralized market but we do not want the wild west in the economy of the blockchain!

This coupled with cases of piracy is causing the cryptocurrency trade to lose strength, we are sure it is the future but we must find a balance between decentralized and security!

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Scalability problems:

The blockchain technology was not designed in the beginning to handle so many transactions per second, about 10 that can handle some used chains are immensely short with the current market need, it is a problem but it was generated due to the gigantic step of this technology and its use, is a good sign that this happens, it is an indication that the world is migrating to this type of commerce, now the problem must be solved, this without sacrificing the security and the decentralization of these markets, the houses of change and nascent platforms in the blockchain have this great challenge !!

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ONAM Exchange comes to the cryptocurrency market with a challenge ahead, establishing clear regulations for its users while offering all the necessary tools to make life in the blockchain trade, sheltered under the SEC regulations that are regulated by the commission of Exchanges and current values ​​in the traditional market ONAM Exchange seeks to integrate the best of the two businesses and provide a cleaner and more just ecosystem for all its users

Based on futuristic tools to get the best out of the market, providing a user friendly interface and very intuitive develops innovative algorithms and a data processing engine that drives the growth of users providing accurate information, useful tools and first-class security. in the industry

A group of people with extensive experience in the market drives the platform that seeks to consolidate in the future of cryptocurrencies and their markets, capable of developing more than 10 million transactions per second under a Complete platform for commercial development

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The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (commonly known as the SEC) is an agency of the United States Government that has primary responsibility for enforcing federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry, the nation's financial markets, as well as stock exchanges , options and other electronic stock markets.

The SEC was created by section 4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 - now coded as 15 U.S.C. § 78d- and is commonly called the 1934 law. In addition to the 1934 law that created it, the SEC enforces the Securities Act of 1933, the Trust Act of 1939, the Investment Companies Act of 1940, the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other laws.

inf google

ONAM Exchange IS THE FIRST cryptocurrency exchange platform that is protected under SEC regulations, seeking to guarantee a more secure and fair market in the existing market, hundreds of digital currency exchange houses have been created without any regulations or regulations giving way to dirty businesses that have affected and users and investors around the world, ONAM Exchange born as a platform that points to the future, seeks to ensure market management in a transparent and sustainable through existing rules that open the way to credibility of negotiations and creates a framework of trust within the cryptographic market

Truly scalable, innovative, with advanced security tools, risk management and advanced operations. ONAM Exchange is entering a new era of standardization in digital asset trading by emphasizing compliance, security and ease of use.

onam web

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ONAM Exchange guarantees the fulfillment of norms that aim to consolidate a more reliable market for all, the money laundering and the misuse of the system will be restricted in the ONAM ecosystem, it also seeks to create the broadest rules that cover from preventing the income of people with negative registration in any country of origin to groups that wish to manipulate the market to profit from that, ONAM Exchange emerges as the first platform with clear regulations that aims to attract the industry and investor to a clearer field to the time to invest in the cryptocurrency market!

A fairer market with clearer standards generates future sustainability, which allows us to enter the market with the vision of being present in the future, complying with existing market regulations and thus be able to grow without restrictions both in the cryptographic market and in the market. the traditional market

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To have confidence you need security: ONAM Exchange solutions

Security is a generator of trust, users in these times are attacked in different ways to be scammed and this slows the market, many investors seek a safer market to enter this business, now opens a range of possibilities for all !!

Real-time commercial surveillance:

The platform seeks to guarantee a cleaner market, so that the movement within the system is monitored through the automatic learning technology that generates a series of data and reports through which you can monitor suspicious movements that have the purpose of manipulating the market or money laundering operations on the platform, all illegality has no place within the platform

zero Market manipulation:

Currently all users of the market are acediados from different angles and operations are made under a number of circumstances that merit more security, spoofing, wash-trading, momentum ignition to pump and dump are common in the industry, with the regulations of the platform it seeks to protect the user by generating laws and exercising governance to comply with the rules

Quarterly audits:

Through external audits conducted by accredited auditor services, the platform seeks to create a reputation of credibility never before seen in the industry, compliance with the rules of the exchange market is fundamental and full compliance is sought, through these audits a second vision is created of the internal panorama of the platform

Regulatory action against the defaulters:

The SEC has restricted several exchange platforms and ICO that have generated promises that have not fulfilled their users, this has generated great uncertainty among investors seeking to invest in new projects, many of these projects have not taken back action and much less fulfilled With what has been promised, ONAM Exchange is rigorous in complying with the existing regulations in order to guarantee the full functioning of its functions and prevent future freezing of assets due to legal problems.

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Scalability is no longer a brake

Scalability on the platform is not a problem, through GoLang technology designed by google ONAM programmers created a high-powered computing engine that gives you the ability to sustain more than 10 million transactions per second, the response level is incredible achieved and that supports a user-friendly interface which will have a very fast response power

40 nanoseconds waiting? It does not give you time to blink!

With such a fast response speed the interface becomes a very fluid tool, then advanced orders can be offered such as Trailing Stops, Take Profit, Iceberg Orders, Fill, Kill and the Good Till

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you can watch this video about ONAM Exchange

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know onam's team


Case of use

Jose has always been linked to the traditional securities trade, the security of his investments has led him to a very privileged status, he knows about the business and its activities, he has always loved the new challenges and feels passion for finances and their worlds

Jose has been intrigued by cryptocurrencies since he met them, has studied the market and is a new challenge for him, has always wanted to invest and learn about this trade but knows that if there is no regulated market it is dangerous to venture without any type of regulations that cover it, that brake has been on his person until he discovers ONAM and its regularized market for the exchange of cryptocurrency assets, can now enter more securely, has all the necessary tools under functional regularizations and a communication system with the 24/7 platform

Jose can be supported on the ONAM platform !!

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Do you want to know more about ONAM Exchange?

ONAM Website
ONAM WhitePaper
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ONAM Reddit
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ONAM Instagram
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