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Currency converter without registration



When we talk about an exchange house there are two things that come quickly to our minds, the first is how tedious is the registration, the second is what service offers, many are limited to the use of the most used cryptocurrencies, the third thing that thinks people are security, these three factors give the impulse that an exchange house needs, if it complies with the simplicity of those factors then surely open future

A group of people knows what is needed, the simplicity at the time of the exchange and trade of cryptocurrencies is what people need, ensures the use of cryptocurrencies in the future and gives life to the true cryptographic trade, in this way a project that wants to change the history of the blockchain and its cryptocurrencies, OnePageX is born

And I repeat it again, it does not need registration !!!

As you hear it !!

We believe that greatness does not have to come at the expense of complexity. We wanted to offer a unique service that would allow people to convert currencies without wasting their time with registration and multi-step processes. That's why our entire exchange process occurs on a single page with just a few clicks.

Very annoying records !!

The web registration has become a long and tedious process that does not mean, in most cases, any added value for the user, on the contrary, we lose a lot of time in registers that we can not understand and in the worst case up to They change our will to enter the website

By giving the most worrying data for brands is that 88% claim to have lied at some point, then we are clear that the registration is creating chaos and at the same time providing false data to companies

77% of users prefer social registration, that is, the user prefers to share data about their social behavior in exchange for a registration and it is for the simple fact that it does not take much time, they only open a social network like Facebook and ready , but it's not that we love the record, it's just that we look for how to jump it in the fastest way !!

Again listen to this: OnePageX does not need registration !!


They offer the fast exchange we need in the world of cryptocurrencies, only three simple steps to exchange currencies, the website offers the greatest number of exchange possibilities, there are more than 140 currencies available !!

The first step is to choose the currency you want to exchange, it is the most natural and simple step in the transaction, its website offers a nice and intuitive interface that facilitates user mobility by the same

Then we put the address that is needed for the transaction and press "start"


Ready!! A card will be created that contains all the necessary information for the user, including the status of the transaction!

You can see from the beginning of the process until the final phase !!! All the information is updated on your card!

ease of adaptation to other websites:

through a series of simple commands you can give access to the platform from other web pages, so all that page or company that needs a cryptocurrency exchange house can give the option to its users to use OnePageX

The widget is called OneBox! The OneBox works just like the OnePageX page, but inside the widget. So it is not necessary a complex programming or the change of a complete interface of a page to give the option of change, simplicity is its north!


Benefits of a quick change !! (case of use)

Currently the cryptocurrency market is handled quickly, many of the people who are dedicated to this world have the need to be able to count on their cryptographic assets in a fast and safe way, businesses and offers of profits can appear and disappear in a matter of minutes !! Rays, I need an Asian currency to buy an asset at less than 40% of its value, while you register and you can activate some safe exchange service it will be too late !!

If you are an enthusiast of this blockchain world and your insurance currencies have already happened, having to register and wait for the activation of some service has undermined your desire to invest or enter a project, is that we always need the exchange of coins, but quickly, I want to go to the change only once, suddenly my need an hour ago is not the same now

In the case of use of this situation I will place myself as an example, and I have a relative in Portugal, but I live in Venezuela, we were talking on a well-known social network and I know that my cousin's friend is selling his cellular, is a model that I like a lot but I do not have the availability in euros to make a transaction, in my country there is an exchange control, so foreign currency is not managed

This type of scheme I have skipped investing in cryptocurrencies, so all my savings are in my cryptographic portfolio, now, I want the phone but the owner sells it to buy some token of a page that starts, he wants the euros or dash, for the moment I do not have any of the two options, I need to change some coins but in the process it lasted more than 4 hours and by that time the phone vendor is not interested

It is something as simple as a telephone, but it can become something more important for life and this type of simplified services helps the advance of the cryptocurrency as a trade of the future!

I no longer have my new phone but now I will have OnePageX

Looking like crazy !!!

In the blockchain there are thousands of new projects, many will be forgotten, but others will be the blockchain's future revolution, in some cases the future of these projects can be predicted due to the quality with which they are presented and the innovativeness of your proposals

Many people are looking for offers of icos and launches to buy token from these platforms at a good price, they know that in the future those tokens will have a great value

In this other part of the issue comes a new case, the problem that many people seeking to change for a not so commercial cryptocurrency and find no place to make their investment, many will desist from doing so due to the long search, in many cases this will cost money for them

On the OnePageX platform we can now count on a great variety of cryptocurrencies for the change, so look no further !!

I invite you to watch the OnePageX video made by me

More Information & Resources:

OnePageX Website
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OnePageX OneBox
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explanatory: original images from the onepagex and google website

article by @aerossone for the @originalworks writing contest that is sponsored by OnePageX

for more information about the contest between here

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