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in recent years, with the emergence of social networks, have emerged what is known as the influencers. Basically they are people (they can also be companies or brands), who in these media have a large number of followers, who actively participate in these and who with their opinions and messages manage to move their audiences.

To give a clear example we have the famous Kardashian family, although you do not necessarily have to be famous to do this type of work. Many influencer are dedicated to a specific branch with their food blogs, or girls who are dedicated to the world of makeup , others use the trip and the adventure, they can also be people who have achieved a large number of followers with just the sympathy and daily interaction through their social networks, these people are of great help to companies and brands using a new style of marketing digital that is very effective in our times

Companies began to notice that they could approach these influencers, for example, to be supported by them in the launch of a new product. This was done analogously to press releases that are made to traditional media, waiting for a journalist to write about our company or product, initially without paying a single peso. Or that an actor, actress, musician, athlete, journalist or other person of the "show" use one of our products, this is photographed or filmed and many people go to buy it. Of course, today many of the "traditional celebrities" are also influencers in social networks.

These influencers in social networks became the new milestone of marketing campaigns. It also became a business for many influencers, who saw this as an opportunity to have new revenues and started charging for promoting products.


Social media marketing

Marketing in social networks refers to all those activities carried out in order to promote a brand through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, among others, which are at their peak among Internet users, and facilitate the interaction of the brand with its target audience, at a much more personalized and dynamic level than with traditional marketing techniques.

A tactic of maketing in social networks can range from the production of content for a blog or twitter, to the deployment of many activities that integrate various social networks, videos on YouTube and blogs, the important thing is to adapt them to the needs of each company, so that it will improve its image and brand positioning, disseminate information quickly, be more popular, be able to collect strategic information about its customers, among other benefits.



Brand image: Popularity and brand image benefit greatly from customers as the company feels closer.
More visits: A well-targeted social media marketing tactic increases the visibility of the brand and the number of visits to its website (for example, the contests of @originalworks which helps brands to make more visits) in your web portal)
High conversion rate: A brand that interacts with the user and manages to make it feel close and important, more easily specifies new business.
Scope: The use of social networks is increasingly popular, so this means is an important way to impact a large number of people.
Diffusion: Marketing in social networks is one of the fastest and most economical ways to disseminate some type of information
Data collection: Having a tactic on social networks is an excellent way to gather information about the target audience of the brand.


Patron: looking for the benefits of the blockchain for digital marketing


With the knowledge of the influencers' market and the growth possibilities that these offer to brands and companies, a pattern is born, which seeks the creation of an ecosystem within the blockchain for the world of influencers and all their derivatives, the importance of encompassing a whole decentralized market is delaying the exponential growth that the market can obtain, the different actors that make it up are in need of a functional system that brings them together to achieve a significant and safe advance in the future

Patron seeks to offer this functional ecosystem with the necessary tools to grow a strong and very liquid economy that can be used by all those involved in this world of digital marketing, a platform where services and solutions can be offered to companies and brands that need a boost to to grow, a solid currency that ensures the possibility of interacting assets of different types and being able to form intelligent contracts between different parties


How do brands with a Patron benefit?


Before thinking about the influencers, it is recommended to think about the product, analyze who is the audience (buyers) and outline them very well. With this profile, now if you can analyze an influencer that definitely fits with the product you want to promote then there is a great benefit and the success of the strategy increases

If the company or brand offers a product for the insurance traveler needs a person who moves in that branch, a blog that is dedicated to travel and move enough followers, that is where the fundamental in this type of strategies

Patron helps to find the influencers that cover the profile of the brand, but that is just one detail among many that the brand and patron also needs to refine the influencers until they find the right one.


Patron and its criteria for influencer

The number of followers of the influencer is very important and can be refined by this criterion, at the same time you can refine the search depending on the reputation you have and you can also take into account the level of commitment that the influencer has with his followers, So the brand or company is sure to get what it needs

Who participates in the Patron ecosystem?

There are different actors in the world of digital marketing and in their standard platform they are classified from the following fotma:
• Host; o Influencer
• Guest; Sponsor
• Fan; or follower

The first is the influencer which manages a social network or very busy blog and with a considerable amount of followers, this person uses this as a tool to provide a promotional impulse service to the sponsor, this other character is the brand or person company that contracts the services of the influencer to help your product or service to position itself in the market, this can be achieved through smart contracts that are generated in the blockchain, then we have the followers, this character acts as a fan promoting the brand through the influence of the influencer and thus the objective of positioning the product or service in the market is achieved


Platform liquidity through the PAT token


PAT is the token of the ecosystem of patron, which creates trade liquidity between the different actors of the platform, any service can be canceled through this token, you can also reward loyalty or cancel some type of work done with this token, many followers can compete or participate in promotions and be rewarded through the PAT of the platform

Then companies or sponsors get

. influencer refining tools
.the possibility of contacting a significant amount of influencer
. communication tools and services
. way of interacting economically and being able to make payments for services and jobs
. variety in the market

The influencers get:

. A wider market to offer its services
. a liquid economy to interact in a better way
.the possibility of growing and obtaining greater benefits
.create a broader portfolio of users and followers
.Development tools

Followers also win:

can enter a market where you are paid for participating in different ways, you can start a career as a follower and learn by becoming an influencer in the future, the platform offers all the tools to grow!


Case of use

Juan has always liked surfing, he lives in the hatillo, a small coastal town in Venezuela, since childhood Juan and the sea have been one person, since he was 6 he walks on the board and loves the sea

Juan learned from his neighbor the passion, not only of surfing but of making boards, he has been making his own boards for more than 15 years and he has modified many things creating a super board for his beloved sport, little by little he was climbing in his activity and has been invited to a competition in Brazil

When he arrived in Brazil, Juan created a great impact, won prizes and was the center of attention with his boards well done, there he met Cruz, who is a follower of an influence of this sport with millions of followers in the world and who is on the platform of Patron, cross tell you that this people can make their tables are used in the whole world and that can help them to be known by millions of surfers, so Juan enters the page, looks for his influencer and creates a contact with he, they make an intelligent contract and both put their project in motion, after 1 year and the tables of juan are in the seas of the five continents!


you can see our video about Patron


More Information & Resources:

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article written by @aerossone for the writing contest of @originalworks and that is sponsored by Patron

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