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BUMO is a public chain just like ethereum blockchain, but that is where the similarities stop. It has an interest in ubiquitous trust networks that ensure that digital assets can be shared across the blockchain, fast and securely.
To make room for innovation, BUMO also has a number of templates created that are grouped according to industries. Users can make use of these templates to create solutions that meet their standards and the needs of their users.BuVM(BUMO virtual machine) is the environment on which the BUContract can be executed. It provides the developers with a flexible and easy environment where the smart contracts can be created or executed; as well as a variety of programming languages for developers.

For value to flow freely through the internet of things, it is necessary to facilitate cross-chain interoperability. To achieve this BUMO has two blockchain cross-chain transaction architectures- isomorphic interchains(BU Orbits) and isomeric transaction architectures(BU Canal). These two architectures would ensure that different independent blockchains are connected, cross- chain transcations are valid and security of user privacy data.
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The Physical attributes of BUMO

Node: Nodes are intelligent smart devices that form a bridge to the network. It is open and able to carry out autonomous actions.
Candidate Node: Any node can apply to to become a candidate node. How this works is that qualifying N nodes are selected.
Validator Node: To become a validator node, a node has to be a candidate node, and then pass through a lottery or election. Only after this can it become a validator node.

BUMOBenefits to users

Just like it is said one of the bottleneck of the blockchain business is the performance problem, this make users creating time space before proceeding on different transaction in order not to encounter any transaction problem. BUMO intend to be of a benefit to users by establishing a network ecology that will support thousand and thousands of transaction per seconds without network difficulty.
Developers has face difficulty in dApp deployment for a long period till present due to inefficient and unreliable network but BUMO has created a trusted network nodes that will allow easy and smooth deployment of smart devices.


BU-Token is the native digital token used in the BUMO network for transactions, as incentives, settlement and fulfillment of contract on the network. The value of BU is based on the quantity of BU used as fuel in the network and the participation of BUMO community governance by holding BU.

Benefits of the BUMO network

High transaction speed.Flexible way of developing smart contracts using BUContract.Development of decentralized Dapplications.Free flow of digital assets Enhancing cross-chain interoperability.An open network that links the physical world to the blockchain.


The Virtual Environment in which BUMO’s smart contracts are executed is known as BuVM (BUMO Virtual Market).
BuContract enables BUMO smart contracts to be deployed using programming languages users are familiar with, such as Javascript, C/C++ and Python.
Using WebAssembly, the number of languages that can be used can be extended further.
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This has resulted in the creation of value but this value is not yet circulated. The idea behind the BUMO network creating a ubiquitous trust network that would ensure the circulation of value within the blockchain would greatly add value to the information and transaction performed using the blockchain, as well as address the limitations faced by the blockchain technology.

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