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I started investing and dealing with Crypto currency not long ago , and i realise Africa needs more Enlightment and Education about ** Bitcoin** and other Crypto coins and what they do and how its a very Good and profitable venture to be part of .
As a Young entrepreneur and internet marketer from Africa Ghana , i was hovering around youtube and i found myself getting on a channel talking about making 2000$ a day with bitcoins, so i asked my self what is bitcoin and what is Crypto currency ? so i started spending sleepless nights of research around google and YouTube and i was amazed about the whole concept about Bitcoin and other crypto currency, Honestly i thought apart From our usual dollar, pounds , gold diamonds and other minerals and currency that's having that high market demand and value ...i didn't know an online currency could be worth that much and its used by millionaires and business men and women around the world and people are really racking millions of this ,, so i asked my self why ddnt i know this 5years back? was i missing something , why ddnt i hear this from the numerous Tech classes and Seminars i attended ? Or were They keeping his Secrete from Us all along? so i was able to create an account from blockchain and they gave me my own bitcoin adress and i reasearch where to get bitcoin from my country and i realise its only one vendor in the whole Ghana thats located in Ghana.. i ddnt trust them because i needed to the there with them before i send my money to them in exchange of bitcoin..so i found an online service called Payplus, i read about them and i realise they were legit and i could Easily send them mobile money in exchange of bitcoin .
So i bought 100$ because it was my first time..and i wanted to try and have an experience ..so i sent them my money and they credited my bitcoin... now what am i doing with them?... so i started Researching on how to get more bitcoins with your bitcoins at hand .. i found numerous ways..but mains ones was trading and since am not or i don't really have experience in trading .i took to look for another opportunity..i realize there are numerous website that pays you if you invest in them but a lot of people have trust issues in them .just a few to be trusted so i said i will take my time to investigate... i realize most people do bitcoin mining with either investing in a company or buying the mining machine them self and do it on their own but that's difficult since it cost a lot ..and since i dont have much money or knowledge on how to mine i decided to do more investigation on how to make more bitcoins ..i realize people get money with investing in few companies by doing compound interest .. so i said to my self i will also risk and start up my self and see what happens.. so i closed my blockchain for 4 days ..and To my surprise the next time i logged in . my money 100$ was now 115.6$ am like wow? what did i do ? so i made a research and realized even if i leave my money in my wallet for some period of time since the bitcoin market keeps going up day by day my money is gonna increase..am like wow..so i have free 15$ in ma account by just doing nothing? just having an account and bitcoins inside i earn? as the market goes up? in which my own local bank years savings income is not up to even 10$ i got this within days? then am gonna put more money in and leave it there for years praying the market goes up..i know there will be bad times but as an entrepreneur .you know investing is a risk.... so am happy i found bitcoin..now the problem is most of my peers haven't heard about bitcoin and i think we need more education about this.. i wish most of you bitcoin gurus can come to African with more insight and more education on crypto world because there are alot of us here that really wants to read wide and know more about this and i know a lot of people here are ready to invest in something like this ones they understand the concept and know what it is and how it can help eradicate poverty here ..am happy to have know crypto world and guys i want you to suggest be good ways to invest my bitcoins and how to gain more thank you guys i love you

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