what is haromny?

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Congeniality one is an open establishment for 10 Billion people later on. Agreeableness one develops an unrivaled understanding organic framework that will allow decentralized economies for each one.
Why Harmony one is novel?
Understanding isn’t simply thinking about lighting up for throughput execution (trades each second), anyway they furthermore care about the amount of centers that add to the decentralized square chain orchestrate. Understanding one is embracing an all out stack procedure of utilizing 10x headways in frameworks organization, conditions, and computations.
On the show layer, Harmony grasps a sharding maintained accord show which scales as the variety of center points bolsters in the framework. Each and every shard contains various center points and uses a brisk BFT estimation to get the opportunity to accord inside couple of minutes. On the framework layer, Harmony trust on the QUIC show to pass on messages quicker when possible. On the natural framework level, they analyze UniKernel to additional scale the introduction of the OS on an exhibition center point.
Why people ought to use Harmony one?
Concordance one displays, the front line sharding based square chain that is absolutely versatile, essentialness beneficial and provably secure. Understanding one keeps an eye on the issues of existing squares by joining the most sublime research results similarly as structure practice in an in a perfect world tuned organic framework. Especially, Harmony one makes some genuine jump forward in the going with viewpoints:
Absolutely Scalable
Congeniality one Shards not just the framework correspondence and course of action endorsement like Zilliqa, similarly as shards the square chain state. This makes Harmony one an absolutely adaptable square chain sort out.
Totally Secure Sharding
Congeniality one’s sharding procedure is provably secure and appreciation to the DRG (scattered assertion age) framework which is reasonable fit, unpredictable, flexible and certain. Understanding one furthermore re-shards the framework in a noninterruptive way to stop against slowly adaptable byzantine foes!
Snappy and Efficient Consensus
Not at all like all other sharding based squares which need POW to pick valuators, Harmony one relies upon POS and thusly imperativeness powerful. The understanding is gotten to with a straightly adaptable BFT computation that is one hundred times snappier than PBFT.
Adaptable Threshold POS
The cutoff of stakes required for a center point to interface the framework is adjusted maintained on the volume of complete staking with the end goal that derisive speakers can’t move their imperativeness in one shard. In addition, the edge is very low enough with the objective that each and every little stakes can remain to contribute in the system similarly as expansion rewards.
Versatile Cross Shard Transactions
With the Raptor Q wellspring code, Harmony one can induce squares chains rapidly inside shards or across over stage by utilizing the flexible information dispersal count. Understanding one also gets Kademlia coordinating to accomplish cross shard deals that scale logarithmically with the amount of shards.
Unsurprising Cross Shard Deals
Congruity one sponsorships cross shard oversees shards straightly talking with everyone. An atomic locking structure is utilized to guarantee the consistency of cross shard deals.
By progressing on both framework layers and show, Harmony one outfits the world with versatile similarly as secure square system that is able to help the rising decentralized cash related structure. Understanding one licenses applications which were not effectively sensible entertainments, Visa Scale pay organic frameworks and IOT (web of things) deals. Concordance one undertakings to scale trust for the billions of people and make a definitely sensible budgetary structure.
Why Harmony one best among all other square chains?
Congruity one’s establishment can allow various sorts of decentralized business focuses and applications, which need high throughput and decentralization. From Games to driving AI Data Marketplaces, to Decentralized exchanges, Harmony one is amped up for the entire such use cases.

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