LivesOne token opens the mall

3년 전

If you use maxthon you probably know that you can mine with it to receive a coin called LVT.
You receive coins every day for how much you use your browser and you can have a multiplier that depends on your user level, savings and if you use maxthon at max capability like using their passkeeper and have it as default browser etc.

Recently they opened the LivesMall where you can buy things for LVT
For now they only have codes for a vpn service called GrapeBooster witch is working anywhere in the world exept china.
You can buy for diffrent ammount of bandwidth and period.I've got 100 gb of bandwidth per month for a year for only 4360 LVT.

You can check it out at: but if you want to buy do it fast as they have limited ammount of codes.
Note: You can buy only 3 codes for each option.

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