Cryptonews 1.0 is starting soon; Cryptoscanner - development phase

2년 전

 We are  on the final stretch in terms of testing our first module — Cryptonews.  In the next two weeks Cryptonews 1.0 will be published and you will be  able to fully use it.

At  Cryptonews, we will support +1000 data sources. The sources have been  carefully selected from ones available on the web, so that the most  important and influencing price fluctuations will reach you.  Importantly, users will be able to add their own sources that can be  crucial from their point of view.

Meanwhile,  we would also like to inform you about the preparation phase of the  first Crytposcanner on the market, which will filter the data from  cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to this you will not miss the hottest  situations on the market. You will be able to maximize the profits from  your trading strategies thanks to the scanner, which will catch events  of your interests on specific cryptocurrency pairs.

Cryptoscanner, a new look at data filtration!

Below we present the graphic layout of our Cryptoscanner, the functionality of which is constantly being developed.Work  on the most practical Cryptoscanner design and the intuitive build of  the scanner by a user was developed with our UX and UI specialists.

The  functionality was developed by a group of traders with experience in  cryptocurrency markets, stock exchanges and futures. The list of alerts  and filters is constantly updated on the basis of applications provided  by users of the demo version (the demo version is available under the  link: 

 In the  Cryptoscanner 1.0 version, the user will be able to use a wide range of  filters and alerts that will scan stock exchanges in real time.  Investors and traders on the largest stock exchanges in the world like  NYSE and NASDAQ use analogous tools. We would like to introduce a  similar level of professionalism on cryptocurrency exchanges.

What  is important! A user will be able to design their own scanner windows  on selected exchanges. The data will be filtered based on selected  markets (e.g. / ETH or /USD), and the user will then be able to select  from a wide database of filters and alerts. If he wants to narrow the  search even further, he will be able to select certain cryptocurrencies  that are in his area of interest. 

 Users will also be able to use a library of scanners that were prepared  by professional traders who are part of Algory and for whom trading is  their main source of income. What’s more, users of our application will  be able to share their scanners with other users. A ranking of the most  popular scanners in the library will be created, so that in the future  the best developers of scanners will be able to earn ALG tokens for the  publication of their scanners. 

 A library of scanners predefined by Algory traders and other Cryptoscanner users

After  logging into the platform, users will be able to create their own work  areas and adapt them to their trading strategies. If they want to  properly distinguish certain scanners, they will be able to do so in a  window for managing a given scanner. 

 We will soon publish the list of exchanges that will be supported in version 1.0 of Cryptoscanner! Stay tuned!

New website

With  the launch of Cryptonews 1.0, we will also launch a new version of our  official website. You will find out what access packages we have  prepared, and most importantly, what benefits you will get by using  Cryptonews and Cryptoscanner. 

 The website, along with the development of Algory, will be expanded to include our other products.

Coming soon

Access  to the Cryptonews tool in version 1.0 will be available to you soon. We  are planning an official publication in next to weeks. Cryptoscanner  1.0 will be published next.If you do not want to miss the start:

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All the best,
Algory Team 

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