bloodbath cryptomap (Jan21)

2년 전

Increasingly useful buying opportunities if you hold large amounts of fiat currency,
I expect a few more days like this to come but if you have very little crypto and feel like you missed the train, now is a good time to start scaling in.

Yes, I am a professional investment overlord.
No, you cannot sue me if you lose all your money.
I will destroy the universe if you try.

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This is why I only check my own portfolio once a month. I don't like the sight of blood :(


I like red when I am ready to buy ^_^


Every exit bow is an entrance on some other stage.


yeahhh yes!

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Thansks a lot of dear discuss about the cyptocurranec.

Don't worry, I won't demand you friend hahaha. Thanks for the post :) @alphacore

With a bit steem everybody have his chance. We will see where it goes. I guess UP

It is much true it is time to scall up. Now is the time to buy. Because government shut down has biiger oportunity for people to learn about crypto. But they will have to wait until they go back to work to invest. So when gov opens price will hick.

Thank for sharing information...

Hahah iam not gonna sue you @alphacore

I wish I could learn faster..
I got so far that I have got an Electrum downloaded now I am trying to learn it.. :)
All the best

Hey, check my last post is a funny video

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I loved the disclaimer.


yes ahahahahahahh