My June-September BTC Trades - [My trades: +42% Profit] vs [HODL: -10% Loss]

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Hello Steemit community, I've been working on a new trading script that helps me make better decisions when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. I'm pleased to announce I'm now accepting new members to receive my trade signals.

Let me ask you this..

If you found a service that gave you significantly more profit than just holding bitcoin, what would it be worth to you, honestly? Let me know in the comments.

I'm not offering any extravagant claims, this is not a get rich scheme. I'm a professional trader who hired a code writer to design a script based on my custom trading indicators and trading techniques.

Now that it's automated, I can share the trade signals with my members the EXACT second I receive them myself.



Below are the results for June-September trades in USDT-BTC pair.

If you held Bitcoin during this time you would have lost -10% value of your portfolio.

During that same time, my trade signals would have resulted in +42% profit.


Accurate trade signals are INCREDIBLY valuable. These results speak for themselves. If you have any question please contact me on my website.

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did you really or was this made after prices moved to try and scam users into buying your calls similar to your claim of 100% monthly profits on youtube


Thank you for pointing that out, I do have to delete that claim. I'll do it right now. That claim was written during the huge run up in 2017 and beginning 2018. Your right I'm not making 100% profit a month now. That's impossible to do right now. I do have videos of me making that if you look back on my channel. At that time i was following a very clear pattern. We would retrace back to the .786 on the fib retracement and we'd bounce up from their. It was working like clockwork almost every time. Then when everyone started to sell and the market lost most of its size that particular pattern didnt work. At that time i got into algorithmic trading, and now months later i have reopened my website with this new strategy.

I forward all the signals that I use to trade with myself, this isnt a scam.


both your accounts were made in 2018

and i see videos posted after claiming results isnt proof where are the before calls?

would be easy to prove


Well done

Well done

If I ever find a service that gives me significantly more profit than just holding the bitcoin, It will worth all of my time and money. @altcointrading


Here's a link to sign up for my services. After purchasing I will forward you these trade signals.

this is great. thanks for this. it helps a lot.

Buena información, saludos

amazing boss

Very True

Nice post. I voted you up! you have done well :)

It is difficult to earn money now

this is exactly what you will do than be scammed: HOLD THE BITCOIN

If you found a service that gave you significantly more profit than just holding bitcoin, what would it be worth to you, honestly? Let me know in the comments.

however, if a service will significantly produce more profit then might be worth the risk. can always start at a minimal investment so it won't be too heartbreaking. lol!

seems like to be a good and reliable proposal, do you use java for that ?

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Thanks For Information that's Good news.

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Nice post .......Great work.@@!!!!

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