Crypto Trading Ripple Analysis And Trading Tips

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Ripple is the most stabe coin in the market i was waiting for the exact trading time of the ripple so that we can make a profitable decision for the coin to make some profitable trade on the Ripple. As we know that clearly that market is stable these days and ripple have touched the support level but as the ripple values is very stable and the top 5 coin it has it will not break the support level as its is moving around $0.24 to $ 0.26 we can easily make a trade here.



Analysis :

As from the current position its time to make a buy trade her on the ripple/USD Pair we need to buy some ripples and we will have to exchange it for a very short positions as it go back to $0.26 and we will have enough profits as it look just one cent difference but in trading its a great margin and the value of the coins will have to move too much in term of the profit they will give to us.

For Long term Trading:

The LTC interested Trader should Buy LTC for long term investment.

BUYResistance LevelSupport Level
These are the minor supports and the resistance levels For which the market is struggling to break the support level but its really hard as the market value of the coin is very strong and its impossible that the value drop below that figure for sure that will be the solid reason for the pair to stay above and not drop below the support level!

this trade should be for very short term if you see that the market has some unexpected change so you will have to wait for the reversal stage of the market in crypto there is no loss any where but all you should only wait for the right time to trade on.

From the


we are not a financial advisors we are doing the analysis for the fun and we are just sharing our experience of trading with the steemians and other traders to help us with their experience, You comment regarding trading will be really appreciated.

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