Bet gaming network launches it's newest slot based casino-Bethehouse, get to wager via BTC & mine $STACK

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The newest addition "Bethehouse" is coming after a year of intensive research and development work by the Bet gaming network team, Bethouse is immediately setting out by opening it's gates to the public and offering a plethora of state of the art award winning casino games designed by the best of developers, the gaming experience is laced with mouth-watering incentives & very enticing welcome promotions to cap it all up.


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Bethehouse gaming platform & EarnBet fully decentralized licensed casino platform are both offshoots of the Bet gaming network; however it's necessary to properly intimate you on the context & details of the much anticipated Bethehouse gaming innovation within the gambling market.

Because EarnBet is obviously of same stock and source with Bethehouse, it has actively been the major award winning casino platform hyping the Bethehouse innovation, although EarnBet operates as a fully decentralized licensed casino platform with an alluring profit sharing mechanism while the Bethehouse on other hand operate a more like a centralized platform, this slight differences are deliberate approaches to create a comprehensive inclusive list for different gaming options, interest and preference but this does not in anyway reduce the underlying ethos of transparency that we've known EarnBet for rather it's just like another means to which BET token holders as well as crypto bettors can do more and play more.

Understanding Bethehouse composition from it's games, incentives to leveling system.



It's basically focuses on slot games, a quick browse through the games catalogue will unveil the tons of slot categories with powerful themes, high payouts, exciting and engaging experience, there is also provision for table games, in-house games like dice and many more may likely be added in subsequent weeks.

The Bethehouse innovations actively enjoins the collaboration of notable game developers like Amatic, Betsoft, Nolimit city, isoftBet, softSwiss, eZugi etc.

Bethehouse is poised towards becoming a distinguished industry-first partnerships and gameplay incentives based platform, it's been currently accelerated by stacker ventures; a community-run DAO that focuses on financing and supports for formidable Crypto-inclined start-ups with good value propositions, hence Bethehouse features a unique STACK token mining initiative, that will provide players with mouth-watering STACK yield as they continously wager on the platform. Because STACK token is a creation of the stacker ventures, STACK can be used as token for purposes like capital deployment, vote on acceleration, proposals and so much more.



With the outstanding leveling system of Bethehouse, customers have the liberty to seamlessly bet their way to through 120 levels and then get guaranteed rewards like free spins whenever they level up, they are currently top-gear plans to bring in a 20% rakeback initiative which will further establish Bethehouse as a modern Casino of choice for every crypto gaming enthusiasts.

As part of it's welcome promotions Bethehouse will be giving away over 60 ETH, which is why early players will be so lucky because they will definitely get more rewards, Bethehouse is currently featuring four major promotional giveaways namely:
(1) The lucky launch draw

(2) The daily ETH giveaways

(3) The referral promotions

(4) The gleam giveaways.

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Joining any of this is so easy, users are expected to enjoy their gaming preferences, scale through the leather board, refer others and drop feedbacks, other more enticing promotions will come subsequently.

So much has been asked on the trio of EarnBet, Bet gaming network and Bethehouse, I feel giving an insight will serve as a major exposition for crypto casino enthusiasts looking out for user-centered casino platforms that are genuine and high dividends yielding.

Bet token was initially launched on the EarnBet fully decentralized licensed casino platform with it's low house edge & 100% house profit sharing modalities, in 2.5 years we've seen EarnBet paying out $10 million worth of dividends to holders and stakers making it the best simultaneous iñvestment & gaming platform for investors and gamers.

And with the launch of Bethehouse by the Bet gaming network, Bet tokens utility has been further enhanced, Bethehouse will be using 20% of it's revenue to buy back BET, so as to create token deflation that will be of immense benefits to already existing holders/stakers.

Bet gaming as a parent body/group is poised towards disrupting the blockchain gaming market using state of the art Igaming innovations and plausible approaches to gaming, BGN is completely optimistic about building mainstream user friendly crypto casinos and innovative technology that will enhance the status of the blockchain gaming industry.

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nice game :)) i like crypto gambling :D