Hive vs Steemit vs anything else of you better figure out how to matter


If you're seeng this on Steemit, you may be wondering why things around here seem slowler, like there is less involvement and interactions. Let e give the brief news in case you missed it. A bunch of whales got pissed because a bigger whale bought the platform and to they split the platform in two. As far as I understand it, by having a steemit account you automatically have a hive account ( the name of the new site they split into) and all your passwords are the same.

as is every other function of the new is steemit with a different logo. all the same problems and all they same lack of growth or wherewithal to get any growth

I've been on this now split blockchain for almost three years. Three years posting high professional content , sometimes exclusive content.

In case you are new to who I's the SHORT bio


I'm not a newcomer, or amateur, or hobbyist or up and comer...which is NO dig on any of those, some in those categories will go onto GREAT things. I mention that to point out the tools and resources that were, have been, and are wasted by this blockchain (blockchains).

as gleefully as some of you watched the temporary rise of your site related crypto, if you want any of it or your site of choice to matter, you'll want to pay attention to the the rest of this whether you want to or not. and I mean "listen" not rationalize away anything that takes you to task.

First, I've said this a dozen times, and I'll say it again before moving onto the current important point.

These platforms and their crypto will rise and fall on the amount of people who use it and the amount of people who use it is dependent on how well the word gets out about the reason to go there THE CONTENT AND THE CONTENT PROVIDERS.

That means, in tandem with attracting the masses these sites need to attract high level, highly visible, professional content makers. That level does not GAF about making 30.00 a week worth of crypto. they care about GETTING EYES ON THEIR WORK. LOTS of eyes...not this.


and not this...


That up there...that does not cut it.

This here ( below) is a good in beginning not as in good enough to make it worthwhile for the level of content provider that is going to be able to bring a worthwhile amount of people to the party. and by the way this was on steemit...8 months ago. It has been 8 months since stemit got close to performing, for me, at a worthwhile level.


High level content providers do not GAF if it is Hive or Steemit or Ned or Sun or twitter or instagram, because we cannot afford to. We have a higher agenda and that is growth of interest in our work PERIOD.

So you people who split this thing in two... that's not the end of your work if you want your split to do anything more than make both sites irrelevant. Seems some of you understand this as there is a bit of a push to get people's head's out of their asses and promoting the site on Twitter with the #hive. Unfortunately a large score of what is being shared and posted and talked about there is crypotnerd speak that no normal user of twitter GIVES...A....FUCK...ABOUT.

Look around the world in which you live...are their movies about cryto currency? TV shows? billboards? and people listening to crypto talk in their head phones?


If that concept is unclear...or all means give this previous attempt of mine to get it into peoples heads what will and will not bring people to the site.

I stopped fighting that battle...and have no interest in it, or time for it. There is not a single user on either site that can say I haven't been pulling MORE than my weight for the past three years. Years of quality content and sharing and calling attention to steemit...which now I suppose many of you no longer want attention drawn want us to do it all over again with this new site. a you shitting us?

How about we make the content and YOU get your shit together promoting it. Because if our job here is to make the content AND promote it...well...we don't need this site at all do we? We have out own sites and patreon and subscribe star and youtube and instagram and bitchute and twitter and gab and minds and on and on and on...

It's time for the people who put this split into motion to pick up the bit, and that doesn't mean crypto talk bullshit or adding another app to a site that no one, relatively speaking, is going to. all of that is putting the cart before the horse.

See this....this is a nice start but THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


You need to do what US CONTENT PROVIDERS have had to do to grow. Post content people GAF about and often and in every place you can find.

Either of these sites growing would be nice, but not necessary for me or my work...and that goes for every other content provider out there.

So... you can start promoting what we do here...while we are still here, or enjoy the ghost town you created.

Recent post by myself case you want to use them

On Steemit

On Hive

OR...heaven forbid...look around on the site for art, music, comedy, writing, ect ...there is less now than there has been, but there is currently still plenty and post that.

Or don't ...Arsenic Lullaby has endured and thrived through multiple culture wide large paradigm shifts. If steemit and/or hive just becomes a memory...that'd be a shame but shrug Life goes on for the rest of us.

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I've commented on the Hive post which is much better rewarded.

You bring up a good point. Although, I would say that most normal users don't give a fuck about quality content either. In fact, if you look at the trends across almost all social media platforms, you'll find that what the users mostly want is a place to publish and find shitposts. And while I agree that no shit post is worth the money that they sometimes receive on these blockchains, I would rather that the currency be in more people's hands than not.


sadly, you might be right about all of that too.