🌟Bought Two Things With Crypto From Blogging + Vlogging!🌟

3년 전

Oh woah,

How happy I am to be able to write and vlog on the blockchain!

It is making my life way easier financially!

I bought two purchases recently that are improving my life massively!

Check out the video to find out what exactly!

Plus what do you think of my intro vid?

Made it all myself!! HAHA

(I am pretty proud of myself!)

Thank you for your upvotes.

They make my life better!

Bought the glasses at polette.com if you’d like to get yourself a pair too!

BIG love,


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490 Euro equals 586.09 US Dollar according to Google.

I like androids which are a lot cheaper but most Iphone people will not switch.

Great video though. Congratulations on your success. :)

Something very nice thanks for sharing

Amazing Ashley! congrats on the new stuff that came from Crypto!

I absolutely recommend those anti-glare ones especially if you sit in front of the PC or your phone all day.

I had mine done as well and it is so useful!


Oh maaannnn

It helps SO much!

A new trend!!! Vlog!!! WOW!!! congrats