Learn to trade Crypto for free @ Niffler



I just found a cool service called Niffler where you get 100k play USD and can start to learn crypto trading the safe way.
I wished I had something like that many months ago when I entered the crypto space.

Niffler has a very cool UI and works intuitively. You can share your trades and comment on other trades. Basically it's a social network evolving around crypto and I see huge potential to it.

They also have contests running where you can compete against other traders, to win crypto prices and once you reach trader status you can also start to earn "real crypto" through a concept they call "Proof of Experience™".

So there is a lot in it, also for experienced traders, who can become mentors/patrons there.


I really like the concept and the way they present it. The only downside at the moment is, that they only have 10 coins listed - so there is not a lot of difference between these coins to make.
Unfortunately they haven't TRX listed yet in the game, but they told me that my favorite crypto project will be there very soon.

I guess, the success of the platform will depend on how fast they can incorporate other coins, so that people can play around with their favorites.

Check it out. It's free and you have nothing to lose with it and may even gain more experience in crypto trading.

I just signed up to play around a bit and my profile can be found here if you like to follow me.

Have fun,


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