The new report suggests the average ICO investor 82% profit.

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Recent analyzes of the primary currency offer (IOC) found that 82 percent of the average ICO investor is available, according to the report published by the Boston School of Management, May 20 at Boston College.

54 page report titled 'Digital Tooltips'? The initial currency offer is returned to the investors, after the analysis of more than 4,000 datasets and after the analysis of important IOCs, there is evidence of 'significant ICO underpricing'. The IOC has earned a total of $ 12 billion in total study, almost everyone since January 2007

From the price of the initial token sale, the average income from the first day's listed market price of the Crypto Exchange is available to 179 percent, while the average time of investors is only 16 days.

In 60 days, if issuers fail to list their tokens in return for an exchange, the researchers handover the negative (-100%) to large amounts in these tokens, but it is still found that their investment in such cases of "representative investors" has almost doubled.

Overall asset class data, including this result, is available in average token investment return 82 percent.

Overall, the report has shown that crypto tokens "return unusual abnormal average returns", for those investors who have seen their maximum returns for more than 180 days, between 150 percent and 430 percent. Researchers conclude that:

"Although our outcome may be an indication of bubbles, they are consistent with high compensation for the risk of investing unproven pre-revenue platforms through unregistered offerings [...] [our paper] suggests that when that is not plentiful in numbers that is not as scam Chorai is important for capital because investors are quick (and underfund). "

A history of high-profile exit bases in ICICIs attracted considerable negative media attention to the popular Crypto Token fund collection model. In a recent campaign aimed at educating investors, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has created a website for a fake ICON that was designed to imitate the "red flag" of fraudulent token sales.

However, the crypto sphere supports the needs of eminent member icons, which provide a convenient way of providing support for emerging projects. Just this week, in South Korea it will lift its ban on domestic ICO, that is transferred from September 2017.@ausharya1450_Ly9jb2ludGVsZWdyYXBoLmNvbS9zdG9yYWdlL3VwbG9hZHMvdmlldy84ZDk0OGI1ZGEwNjY2ODI2NTcyZTY2ZjU1MmM4M2M3OC5qcGc=.jpg

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