Dtube Chat: Restored Faith In Crypto

2년 전

Hi guys!

So, alas after only one day, crypto becomes a main topic in my head. I just can't help it I guess.

Ok, so today I talk about a couple of big contenders throwing their hat in the crypto ring.

This is super big news guys, because the more faith that is built into crypto, the stronger it will get.

One of my examples is anecdotal, but no less important.

This is an awesome time guys. I am super pumped today!

Catch ya'll later!

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Yes, it seems a number of "big players" are venturing back into the Crypto / Blockchain waters. I think interest is renewing. Actually, I think from an investment standpoint, many investors saw the December / January "bubble" for what it was and just waited for the prices to normalize a bit. I think that has happened now and I think that's what many investors are acting upon now. The drop has levelled out and has been flat for a little while. I think people who couldn't handle the volatility or thought fiat value would skyrocket forever have been shaken out. Many investors see the technology the number of traditional businesses that started putting money and manpower on blockchain research over the last 6-8 months and know that those companies are not going to just pull the plug on that stuff. I think this year we'll start to see that effort put into production (market places and banks integrating more with crypto). And I think we'll start seeing more innovation around the use of blockchain as an information platform.

BTW - have you done any follow-up on the moving decisions? - Great vid. :)


Ugh. I am still so torn about moving. A lot depends on a lot of things. Haha. I have surgery tomorrow to determine if I have cancer or not. So there's that. I am waiting to see what happens with that. Also, I have built up a non profit here, and depending on the success of our upcoming performances, it kinda determines whether or not we go or stay. The place we are looking at going just got like 4 inches of ice, haha. Yet it is going to be almost 100 here next week. Two awful extremes, but the only places I have family.

I am super stoked about people jumping onboard. I def don't think it's just a fad. It's def here to stay, though, I would not wager a guess on which cryptos will survive. I do think that Steemit has set a precedent, but there will be many other platforms nipping at their heels if the SMT's don't go as planned and "fix" a lot of the problems as @ned suggests they might. Who knows though. We shall see!


Oh man - I wish you the best of luck with tomorrow. I really hope the news is good for you.

I agree that which cryptos survive will be difficult to predict. Many of them seem to have issues with scaling, and I think that is where Steem has an advantage. Time will tell though.

Good luck tomorrow.


the important thing is to believe in the projects that are behind them

I’m glad to be apart of crypto investments

Great video, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Good post just upvote and resteem done

crypto is the future! My grandma even has some crypto now! haha

The great thing about this platform is we actually have something tangible to work with. Most all other currencies just have hope and investment which isn't sustainable over the long term.

hi .. i have a question .. does @dtube like video in edit or a real video?


Both. I have done both and it doesn't really seem as though one is preferred over the other! It just depends on what you're more comfortable with I guess!


thank you very much for the guidance. I will work harder.