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Greetings dear people of the community this is my entry into the contest from the community @originalworks where he allowed the participation of steemit users in a new challenge.


The companyKleros

It is a company in charge of optimizing the help that some people or users need to undertake in their own business where taxpayers are people trained in the marketing system, cryptocurrencies or some other things, and in turn in the optimization of opinions they have. users for the approval of a project and the essentials in klerosis the solution to problems through a large experience in the business world and in the wide world of cryptocurrencies, so this company provides this support both in large and small companies that have little knowledge of how to be an entrepreneur and how arise in a business of its own.

further kleros it is very fundamental since it has a system of selection of users randomly in the whole world where it is impossible for people to know each other and want to carry out a scam, in addition they must trust in kleros since if there is no consistency in the questions that are assigned this person tends to lose reputation or lose the account and not emerge again, so that workers are more motivated to grow as they have a small profit allowing them to grow and generate more with the passage of time and the following entries are approved other works of greater magnitude.


For large and small companies.

It is very important to know this world of crypts, but more important is to know if the step that is going to take is good and there are no less possible losses so trust in kleros It is a great option where you will not waste time or the future project that you want to obtain.

  • On the other hand here are some questions assigned for new users who wish to interact with kleros

  • What are some types of disputes that can be resolved through Kleros?

Things like not agreeing on the new project to be established, if doing it in one way or another, to know if it is the best option to continue, among others.

  • How can Kleros help reduce costs associated with resolving disputes?

with advertisements where it clearly explains the purpose of kleros and let know the best opinion that the user gets through this

  • How can this benefit small businesses?

In a big way since there will always be plenty of ideas but the experience that you want to have and not lead to failure will not be

  • How can Kleros benefit large corporations that handle many disputes (think eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc.)?

In a big way since they are recognized companies and when implementing a new project they need a big and centralized opinion on what they want to do to be executed

  • How do you guarantee Kleros equity through its incentive system?

In which all win equally so that never has a problem of their own, also justifying the answers that this best quality offer more gain for the effort put in the work

You can also visit kleros for more information:

More information and resources:

Sitio web de Kleros
Kleros WhitePaper
Kleros Medium
Kleros YouTube
Kleros Telegram
Kleros Twitter
Kleros Github
Foros de Kleros

Kleros 2018

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