steem and loom

9개월 전

I have no idea when this trend will be stopped. But there is one thing we need to know. If the block chain is not disapeear, someday the crypto market will be booming up again.

BTC and ETH will be remain at the last time and the I have interested in the following two coins. One is of course, Steem and the other is loom.

Steem and loom is already cheap enough, so I will buy these two coins periodically. One more coin, SBD as well.

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@candyboy, As an Full Time Steemian i am also waiting for that booming period, but for sure Downfall is part of the Financial Markets and we have to accept it and have to move on with strong mindset.

Good wishes from my side and hope that your Investments will bring more profits to you.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂